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Beginners meditation techniques to help me learn?

I have a lot of stress and anxiety and I am looking for beginners meditation techniques to help me learn meditation and breathing. I need advice for a “beginner” as I have never meditated before. Is there some sort of controlled breathing exercise that someone starting out like me can practice?


  1. Instead of meditation, try changing your outlook on life. We tend to make most of the stress in our lives by taking it too seriously. Change your outlook; how you deal with problems, and meditation won’t be necessary.

  2. Don’t let the esoteric talk about meditation lead you to believe it is something magical and mysterious. Sit comfortably in a relatively dark and quiet room. Try to keep you breath even as you inhale and exhale – about the count of four for each. When you catch your mind engaging with a thought, just let it go as though it was smoke. Start with short periods (15 minutes) and increase, but do not try to meditate too long, it’s not necessary. Quality meditation is better than quantity.

  3. Meditation gave me back control over my life so that no matter what was … great place where people can go to learn how to get into touch with themselves, But lots of everyday people just like you and me meditate for its many benefits, … As you begin to learn more about the art and science of meditation..


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