The Story of God : The God of the Gaps

Professor Robert Winston presents a definitive three-part documentary series on the history of mankind’s quest to understand the nature of God.

The Story of God is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of today’s major world faiths and the status of religious faith in a scientific age.

The series examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and the different ways in which humanity’s sense of the divine developed. It looks at the divergence between religions that worship a range of deities and those that represent strict monotheism.
The series begins with Professor Winston examining the religions which believe in many different gods and explores why mankind started to believe in God at all.
The answer to that question, says Professor Winston, can be found in the caves where our ancestors first approached their gods and in the fields where people still call on them for help, in the cities where our ancestors have been honoured and in the temples where the gods have been appeased with sacrifices.
“But most of all the answer,” says Professor Winston, “lies in the human desire to be united with something bigger than ourselves.”


  • best evidence of god..jerry lee lewis’ god given piano playing talents….best evidence of no god jerry lee lewis

  • As a Christian, I embrace uncertainty. From most of the research that I’ve done on the history of the Bible, and how it was written. The research I’ve done, and information I’ve found, is something that will drive many Christians nuts, but to me, it adds humility. Some may say doubt, but why is doubt considered a sin? Isn’t it enough to believe in God and the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua?

  • I will just say that this equation at around 14 minutes is complete nonsense, because it falsely assumes that the christian god is the only possible one, completely ignoring the 3000 gods that have been worshipped in human history.

  • Uggg. How? How? How? How do people believe in gods? How can people run their lives based on a magic invisible man? How do people ignore hard evidence in favor of fairy tales? How do people immediately turn to magic & mysticism to explain something we don’t understand?
    I have a bunch of why questions too but I will spare you those, I think everyone gets the point.

  • This documentary avoids the meat to present an unsatisfactory mush. People whose claims are to all intents and purposes 100% incorrect should have been tackled head on.

    We know humans have a powerful innate ability to find the gaps to self justify their position on a subject as opposed to applying the scientific method (including peer review) rigorously.

    Unless we challenge people with their idiotic beliefs we will get nowhere fast and there is no debate.

  • Excellent documentary. Thank you for the upload. I am agnostic when it comes to evolution, but this definitely gave me more sympathy for the evolutionary theory and less respect for the creationists. I try to be open-minded and at the same time take Scripture seriously, and I am on the verge of accepting evolution as truth, although I still have a few objections that I perhaps (hopefully) will get answered.

  • Thank you very much for the upload, it has been a tremendous help. Unlike other people, this film maker actually gave creationists a chance, and met them in all humility and presented his views without ridicule. Five stars for that!

  • I think CERN is the ultimate example of mankind’s hubris. I do not support it’s purpose on many levels.

  • If man excels at anything it is deluding himself. THERE IS NO GOD. One day all of this will be seen for what it is A fuCKing man-MADE MYTH. A Myth!

    Our shame is that we are living in an age of immense stupidity.

  • Hey ignorant believers is it a 50 50 chance I will become a super billionaire the next Bill Gates or a famous rock star? No it isn’t 50/50. And what if there isn’t a christian god what if he’s something else, of course from Earth someone you’ve heard of yeah like that’s going to happen, it’s Krishna or something and so you haven’t played it safe he’s pissed at you anyway. Man and his delusion, if there was anything infinite it might be that.

  • I’m a mathematician, we always work into axiomatic systems, that means that we accept some things without asking for proof (the so called axioms), in that sense we are doing an acts of faith. I simply decide to accept the axiom “God exist”. The point I’m making here is much more complicated because you just can’t accept anything you want, is important to obtain a consistent axiomatic system (without inner contradictions). This is no a formal argument is just a personal opinion. 🙂

  • the guy in the video asks “if there is truth in the bible, then where does it start?” this is his explanation of why he takes the bible literally. This is exactly the dumb stuff I’ve pointed out for ages. His concept of truth seems to limited to what he understands as literal words and statements. Perhaps he could attempt to understand that groups of words can have deeper meaning, when assembled into sentences, than just the words alone. This is what poetry is. Perhaps if guys like him

  • would learn how to interpret “sentences” and the deeper meaning they convey, then he might not be plagued with thinking the world’s population started with an “adam and eve”; whose children screwed their own mother in order to procreate children!? This must be disturbing to him, at least I should HOPE he finds it disturbing. Anyhooo, I’m just sayin’

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