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Basic Numerology notions, beliefs?

Numerology is something I’ve become interested in pretty recently, so I was wondering if anyone could describe, in short of course, the significance of each of the basic numbers (from 0 to 9).
I am especially interested in the ties it may have with Hermeticism and Alchemy, so feel free to explain it from that point of view or alternatively that which is the most comfortable for you – I understand there are many ways to approach Numerology and I’m willing to read about it, but that’s the one I’m more curious about.
Any recommended readings you know are also greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  1. NUMEROLOGY is the shit, man! Google Qabalah, Sephirot, and some such things! You may be interested to know that Pythagarous was a miracle worker who was a cult-leader in NUMBERS.
    Probably wikipedia–check out wikipedia.
    0- nothing, potentiate, absolution, no-thing
    1- one thing, the binary basis for reality, 1+0 may describe anything, and 1 describes all other numbers as all other numbers are 1+1 so many times.
    2 – Describes a pair, coupling, romantic relationships
    3 – HOLY TRINITY : 3 is viewed as a perfect number
    4 – The FOUR QUARTERS: N,S,E,W, four directions, up and down
    5 – The FIVE REALMS N,S,E,W, everywhere! Also represents the earth as a pentagram in Paganism. You may be surprised to know that 5 was viewed as a Holy Number by the Jews as it had something to do with Qabalah and the Star of David before it was!
    6 – The number of ‘the devil’ or incompletion. 6 is one number short of 7. G-D made the Worlds in 6 days, on the seventh he rested. The Day that Man was made–represents Man, and also the number of sides of a hexagon–David’s Star and a flattened cube/hypercube.
    7 – The Perfect Number, represents G-D
    8 – The Auspicious Number. Represents Success, well being, good fortune, good health. On the ‘8th Day of Creation’ G-D rose Jesus again from the Grave. Signifies a New Birth, New Age, New Way of being
    9 – 3, 3s. Auspicious, but not so much as eight. That’s all I know about nine–except that 7 8 9.
    10 – Back to the beginning: in the decimal system 1 and 0 one after the other represent ten ones. In the Binary system 10 represents 2.

  2. Not your question but you seem to be interested in numerology.
    In the book of Numbers, chapter 3, in the Bible, verse 11 to 13, God told Moses that He hallowed all the firstborn in Israel for Himself. Out of the Israelites God substituted the masculine people one month and older from the tribe of Levi for the firstborn of the rest of Israel. The masculine people one month and older from the tribe of Levi was 22000 (Numbers 3:39). The firstborn of the rest of Israel was 22273 (Numbers 3:43). This means that the masculine people of Levi one month and above was 273 less than the firstborn sons of the rest of Israel. These 273 people had to be bought out with 5 shekels each, and 5×273=1365, that is, the number of days in a year plus a thousand. (Numbers 3:46-50). The interesting thing about this is that 273+70=343. The cubic root of 343 is 7, that is 7x7x7=343. Here we have 777, the number of God. (It is interesting that the number of the firstborn of the rest of Israel is accounted in Numbers 3:43.) Now to the back of the Bible, the book of Revelation. Rev. 13:18: ‘Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for the number of man; and its number [is] six hundred sixty-six.:’. (Greek: Chi Xi Sigma, 6 6 6). So in the book of Numbers we have the number of God, 777, and in Revelation we have the number of man, 666. 777-666=111. Now interesting about 9/11 was that there was 111 days left to the end of 2001. Remember that 70 was added to 243 to get 343. 9/11 was the 254th day of 2001 (365-111=254). 6×6=36. In the same way that 10×7=70 was added tot 243, in that same way we now subtract 6×6=36 from 254, that is 254-36=216. The cubic root of 216=6, that is 6x6x6=216. In this way 666, the number of man, is associated with 9/11. In the place of the Twin Towers Mr. Silverstein is planning to build, or building, the Freedom Tower. The planned height of the Freedom Tower is 1776 feet. Let’s look at 1776, or MDCCLXXVI in Roman numerals. Remember that the cost of buying out the surplus of the rest of Israel was the number of days in a year, 365, plus 1000, that is 365+1000=1365. The Roman numeral system, minus 1000, or M, consists of DCLXVI, that is 666. Now, if you subtract, in the Roman numeral base, DCLXVI from MDCCLXXVI, you are left with MCX. Now historically, before they switched to a decimal system, the Romans worked with base 6, not base 10. That means before they switched to the decimal system, X meant 6, not 10. Likewise C meant 60, not 100. Likewise M meant 600, not 1000. In this way MCX stood for 666 in the old Roman number system. This means MDCCLXXVI-DCLXVI=MCX, or MCX, first Roman empire, + DCLXVI, second Roman Empire, = MDCCLXXVI, the third Reich. Adolph Hitler tried to establish the third reich during WWII, but people in UK prayed to God and he failed. The fall of the Twin Towers and the rise of the Freedom Tower is the sign that America was overtaken by the Roman Catholic third empire. In the same way that the transition from the first Roman empire to the second Roman empire concurred with decimalisation from base 6 to base 10, in the same way the sign that the UK was overtaken by the third reich is decimalisation from miles and pounds to kilometres and kilograms.

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