Basic Chakra Meditations

When working with energy it is very important to ground your-self and to set up a protected space.
If you’re familiar with the positions of the Chakra system on the physical body, you can begin to practice opening and closing of the Chakra’s.

The Chakra’s will open and close naturally, but in most people they tend to be either too open or too closed. Regular practice of these exercises will help to restore balance and your Chakra’s will open and close naturally according to the situations that you find yourself in.
I find that most people can visualize a Chakra Centre as a rose flower. When the Chakra is closed, you can imagine the Rose as a small tight bud, in perhaps a golden colour. If you wish to open a Chakra you can imagine the bud opening up and the petals unfolding. You may wish to try this exercise and see if it’s suitable for you. You can use the Reiki energy to balance and harmonise the Chakra’s as well.
To begin with the opening and closing of the Chakra’s sit down in a quiet safe space ground and centre yourself.
Find the physical location of the base Chakra at the root of the spine, opening downwards. Imagine this Chakra as a beautiful golden Rose bud, and then imagine the rosebud slowly unfolding and the petals opening out.
You can then move up the rest of the Chakra system and imagine the Chakra’s opening in this way. See if you can feel any sensations as you work with your chakras in this way.

If you wish to close your energy centers down, then imagine the Golden Rose flower shrinking down into a tiny bud. Regular practice of this exercise will be very helpful.
Another way to work with the chakras is to run light through them. This helps to clean them and to energise and balance them all. To work with light to energise the Chakra’s sit comfortably either on the floor with your spine straight or in a chair with you feet firmly on the ground.

Ground yourself into Mother Earth, and set up your protection.
Taking a few slow deep breaths into your lower abdomen. Relaxing gently, imagine a beautiful White or Gold light above your head. Feel the light entering your crown chakra, see if you can any sensations of this energy.

Imagine the light flowing from your crown Chakra into your third eye Chakra and radiating out from both the front and rear of this Chakra.

Then move the light slowly down into throat Chakra and feel the light radiating out of the front and back of your throat Chakra.
Move down to your heart Chakra feel the light radiating out of the front and back of your heart Chakra.
Then move the light down into your solar plexus Chakra and feel the light radiating out of the front and back of the solar plexus Chakra.
Then move the light into the naval Chakra and then feel the light radiating out of the front and back of the navel Chakra.
Moving the light down into your base chakra and moving down your grounding cord and into Mother Earth.

When you feel it’s time to finish, imagine the light moving back up your grounding cord into the base chakra, then on up into your naval Chakra and imagine the naval Chakra closing down.

Imagine the light moving up into the solar plexus Chakra, and the solar plexus closing down.

Move the light up into your heart Chakra and slowly close this Chakra. The light moves up into throat Chakra and the throat Chakra slowly closes down.
Move the light into the third eye Chakra and imagine this Chakra closing down.
Then move the light back into your crown Chakra and feel this Chakra close, as the light moves on out of the top of head.

As well as well as doing the exercise by calling light down from above, you can also bring white light up from the center of the earth.
This method involves bringing light up through you’re grounding cord into each of your chakra’s and then back down again, closing each Chakra as the light moves down. Don’t forget to ground yourself and check your protection when you have finished the meditation.

You can also concentrate on each of the Charka’s separately in a meditation session.
For example if you feel you have a weakness in a certain Chakra, you can meditate on that Chakra either by running light through it, or by using that chakra’s complimentary colour to calm or energise it. To do so is helpful if you can have some colours that relate to the Chakra sit in a meditative space grounded and protected and concentrate on the chosen colour.

If you feel you have a block with your solar plexus Chakra, find or imagine a yellow colour to energise it, or a violet colour to calm it.

To meditate with colours in this way imagine that you are surrounded by the chosen colour and see it as a fine mist. With every breath you take imagine you are breathing in this colour. When you have finished, imagine this mist turning back to white and breathe this in for a few minutes.

Colours have a very strong effect on our energies and emotions, if at any time you feel any distress when doing colour breathing, just imagine the coloured mist changing to white and breathe this in for a few minutes to restore balance.

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