Based of the Law of conservation of energy: The energy cannot be created or destroyed?

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It means the amount of energy is constant in isolated system. It also means that energy has no beginning nor an end. It existed before everything and the matters is the change form of energy….
Now can you believe that a substance (some might wanna call it God) existed before everything exist and the matters is formed as the change of the substance (some called it based on his image)
I’m sorry for my bad english but i think you can get the idea. Thanks 🙂

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That might mean that the spirit some talk about as being a spirit part of ourselves continues after our body dies. Which usually doesn’t sit well with atheists.


Not so. The Law of Conservation states that energy cannot be created or destroyed by any NATURAL means, which is all that science can deal with. But the idea of eternal energy violates the most fundamental law of science – causality. In science nothing happens without a cause and nothing exists without an origin. The Law of Conservation however indicates that the initial cause of energy and matter must not have been natural. Which leaves supernatural.

American Atheist

all this proves is that energy has existed as long as the law of conservation of energy has existed, which wouldn’t have existed before energy existed

Hier Kommt Die Sonne

Potential energy need not have activity or mass and everything can exist in that state as nothing that can be observed. Many non traditional Theist however regard God as the Energy, not something seperate from it, God created man in his image, not in his shape, but rather within his image the Universe out of the void, or energy.
Something to think about, it is a very difficult concept for even the very intelligent,


why does it matter what you call it? it still behaves the same way, which is nothing like any god I ever heard of: energy by itself has no structure. it doesn’t do anything. it’s certainly not intelligent. if you take scientific terms and run with them like this, you’re quickly just talking nonsense.

Dream Brother

You might also ask how the LAW of conservation of energy exists in the first place? Ooooh!!!
This argument reduced to the “cosmological argument”.
Don’t worry about your bad English… I’m used to it now! : P


The law of conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant. As you must know the atomic bomb converts matter into energy and that is by the law says: “in a isolated system.”
The accepted scientific theory is that all matter and energy was created by the Big Bang about 13.7 billions years ago. Further, M-Theory (see website below) says there are eleven dimensions in the universe only four of which we can sense (left/right. up/down, back/forwards and time).
The seven additional dimensions could explain much about heaven, hell, God the Son and God the Father. Each of these places (dimensions) may have completely different rules of physics and space-time and therefore God existed before the universe did.


There are many different forms of energy: chemical energy, electrical energy, solar energy, heat, energy of motion, electromagnetic radiation, and various other overlapping forms of usable and unusable energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed. Einstein showed that mass and energy are, in reality them same thing. (E=MC2). This law states that mass may be changed into energy )as in the case of uranium), and that energy may be changed into mass. But when all factors are considered and combined, mass-energy cannot be created or destroyed: the total amount of mass-energy in the universe always remains constant. You, me, the earth, the stars and the smallest atoms are literally made of mass-energy. Unless or until future evidence reveals this law to be in error, today’s science-minded individual is obligated to accept its description of the universe.


The pendulum swings and can increase time by mechanical mechanism. Simple grandfather clock.

Curtis K

While I believe in God–that is, as a grand and beautiful metaphor for the underlying reality behind appearances and as an Ideal destiny for our ever-evolving Universe–
In terms of the origins of said Universe, divine intervention is somewhat superfluous. (Personally, I think the idea of an innately divinized, genuinely creative Universe is much more moving myself.) Precisely BECAUSE energy cannot be created nor destroyed, that is fair grounds for assuming it has been eternally present in our Universe. In that case, the Big Crunch hypothesis is probably correct. Most likely, our Universe will continue to expand, reach its limitation, and then *crunch* return to singularity and begin anew. For all we know, this has been happening since time immemorial.

Pocket Protectorate

But why would that stuff that existed before everything be a “conscious being?”
I mean…I could imagine a “magical starting stuff,” but how in the hell could it be a “living conscious mind?”
I just don’t “see” it…(in more ways than one…)
Great Question…(now let’s dance…)

Joris D

No because you include time in the isolated system. Time is a human way to deal with a certain amount of impulses at the same moment, a god would not be hindered by this human limitation of ability. In our perception their is no beginning or end but for a divine being who has no restriction in time, there is a beginning and end in eternity(his perception).
If you define everything in sets(apples+pears+…=fruit)the biggest set is “Everything”. You can draw an unnecessary set around it which doesn’t include one new element and call it whatever you like(God FSM …). Maybe there was a substance that existed before everything existed, but that can be anything! The possibility of it being god is equally big to the chance that it’s a purple turtle with a fear of water… Occam’s razor indicates that there is a big chance of nothing being there at all.
Sorry didn’t wanna sound as a party-pooper… 🙂

Frou Frou

i think your english is very good
to me, the energy evolved, just like eveyrthing else did
i think just like the planets , it formed to what it is, from energy converging and joining together, and this evolved to what it is now, and is probably stil evolving, same as al life is
i dont think of it as a ‘god’
just a ‘creator’ in the least sence
it creates life, or other energy,
alsio, i think the enrgy does change, just like evolution in animals, eventually a new species aoooccurs, its just as liekly new energy forms too, and adds to this already existing energy, changing it, evolving it a little bit more

Primordius Drool

Energy and mass are manifestations of the same thing: E=MC^2
Mass in the form of virtual particles, appear without evident cause.
Therefore, your premise is incorrect.


Lmao..maybe you right sister…I go ask my ancestors, they be very helpful for times like these.

Ms. Bitch

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