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Bad Dreams with Rose Quartz under my pillow?

I bought a beautiful Rose Quartz Necklace that I put under my pillow or on my bedstand at night to help with my dreams, but Ever since I got it, every night I’ve gotten the weirdest dreams I’ve had in my LIFE, and they have nothing to do with my life other than the fact that they have certain people from my life in them. Is the Rose Quartz that I have special in some way? Do certain feelings or energy make it so it does this to my dreams?


  1. We are all very suggestible. You gave yourself the suggestion that you would have special dreams, and sure enough you started to have special dreams. Sometimes even stating the intention to remember and record your dreams will set loose a veritable film festival in your head.
    I doubt the quartz has much to do with it.

  2. You should put amethyst under your pillow… i heard it works the best for dreams.
    Also don’t forget to cleanse your rose quartz because gemstones absorb negative energy and u need to get rid of it by using incense, sage or putting it out on the window sill so it can absorb the suns energy and putting them out when there is a full moon is always great too…..

  3. Yeah I did too, I place a rose quartz necklace under my pillow then slept.
    I woke up having nightmare. It’s better if you wear it as a necklace before you sleep instead of putting it under the pillow.

  4. I have a fairly sizeable ball of rose quartz that I used to roll along the tight points in my back after a particularly sad breakup, and it helped me sleep deeply.

  5. It’s because it probably had a lot of negative that come from bad witches and evil spirits demons so get a stone that protects you and keep witches from entering yore dreams even demons and spirits can inter dreamed

  6. Whenever my rose quarts is in my room I get bad dreams too I took it out today aftee 4 days of bad dreams and poof – back to normal. I wonder if the bad dreams are actually helping us heal in some way; ie facing our fears or overcoming past events?

  7. I had cleansed the rose quartz properly in salt water overnight and then keep them to get energized under sun rays. But keeping them under pillow I had terrible consequences, I had very bad dreams as if some dark things are floating above me, also disturbing sleep, so next day I had stomach upset and my whole body is strengthless.


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