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Bad aura? Is it something one person can give to another by wishing evil upon them? How do you stop it?

This is for Aureen, you answered 1 on my questions before…I would like more info on the beads/charms you spoke about…please inform
Aureen, Hi again. I am new to this so am not quite sure how to answer back, but I have some questions-do you have an email I could write to you. I live in New York & have so all my life.


  1. Hello, sorry for taking a little while, but I’m just now seeing this question.
    Here is some more information:
    – Huayruro: a vibrant, red seed often found with a black marking (depending on whether seed is male/female). These can be used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, etc and are often made into small baby bracelets to protect young ones. These seeds are poisonous therefore I am not sure how good of an idea it is to have them on a baby’s wrist, but perhaps hanging over a crib out of reach, etc. While huayruro grows in other parts of the Americas and goes by different names, “huayruro” is the name given to it by Peruvians who believe it protects from evil energy and is also a good luck charm.
    This is what it looks like:
    Here are some examples on eBay. From looking I see that a few are overpriced — try not to pay any more than $15 for any huayruro jewelry as it is not that expensive to make.
    For the record I have lived in Peru for 2+ years and have seen many people using huayruro.
    “Evil eye” beads I know less about, but I do know that “evil eyes” in jewelry have been around for thousands of years dating back to Egyptian pieces (National Geographic magazine shows pictures). The “evil eyes” are used to reflect the negative energy off of the wearer, and depending on the color of the eye are believed to bring luck or positive energy.
    Jewelry and products with the Evil Eye are not only used in Greece and the Mediterranean but are found in many other parts of the world as well.
    See here for information concerning the Evil Eye / jewelry:
    Type in “evil eye” in the eBay search bar and you will be taken to examples of the jewelry. My bracelet was brought back to me from Greece as a gift.
    Also, here are some other folk beliefs that I encountered (and have used) in Peru:
    – Using small pieces of Palo Santo (holy wood sticks) and running them along the body while praying or asking to be cleansed. When finished some feel that the stick is actually heavier, loaded with negative energy. Dispose of the stick outside of your house; do not keep it indoors. I am not sure where this stick can be found in New York, but you may be able to research it a little on the internet.
    – Leave fresh white and yellow flower petals (not roses) in a pot to boil, turn it off immediately when it begins to boil. Let the water cool down. When you go to take a shower, turn off the water and use the cooled petal-water over your skin to “wash away” bad vibes. (You do wash the liquid off with regular water). You repeat this every other day for about a week. My boyfriend used this when he was encountering some problems and it worked like a charm. Let me get back to you on the flower species.
    – If you don’t want to use flowers, you can also use oranges, Cut a few of them in halves and rub them over your skin while praying or asking to be cleansed. It is basically the same process as using Palo Santo, only that when finished you shower to remove the juice.
    Concentrate in the cleansing while you are doing it. The more you can believe in it, the better it will work.
    I hope this is helpful to you; if you need to know anything else just ask.
    ** Edit: Sure, my email address is aureenmary@yahoo.com. Feel free to write me any time you need.
    ***Edit: I see that people continue to respond to your questions telling you to think positively. They are absolutely correct in saying that positive thinking is the best way to ward off negative energy, although I understood that you needed something more than that. Your aura *is* yours alone, what can be tainted is the energy around you. I’m not sure if you have ever walked into a room where something occurred and can feel the energy there, like a heavy air. This is the sort of thing I am talking about, and whether or not people think you “need” charms, they can do you absolutely no harm. Everything comes down to what you believe in, and if you have done all the positive thinking you can without any results – try something new. It won’t hurt, it can only help. I know from personal experience that these things work when you believe in them because your mind convinces you they are real, and that positive energy can radiate out from you.

  2. umm i kno the ? is not ofr me but i can awnser it! uu cant really stop it put be very positive! and if someone is trying to do that to u they must have a good reason so it must be bad whitch will make the bad luck or good luck even stronger!!

  3. Hello
    No other can wish evil on you, what your aura has within it is down to the individual.
    You stop the effects of another’s negativity by being positive, no charms are needed other than that.


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