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Awakening my third eye?

Hello all, I’m new to the community and fairly new to meditation. Lately I’ve been practicing open eye meditation and have become quite familiar with it. Anyway, I looked up a chant to help awaken my third eye (the thoh chant) because I’ve heard of the amazing experiences and psychic gifts that develop. As previously mentioned, I’ve also been doing open eye meditation, which is supposed to also help with the third eye. They say that when the third eye is awakening, a pressure/pulsing/mild pain is felt in the middle of ones head. I’ve been experiencing said pressure for quite a few days since the completion of the thoh chant and continued open eye meditation, but that’s about all I’ve experienced, accept for auras becoming slighly more noticable. My question is: with continued meditation and spiritual awareness, when am I going to start noticing and feeling my third eye more? This has been really bugging me and I would really appreciate hearing wha some of you have to say, thanks


  1. It’s different for everyone.
    It’s also important to stay away from as many distractions as possible.
    Try listening to pretty music though, or look up the solfeggio frequencies.
    Also, try learning about energy. A good book on the kind I mention is the Psychic Energy Codex by Michelle Belanger.

  2. Just from listening to Bill Hicks and ‘Tool’ talk about third eyes it makes me interested in seeking this enlightenment. If it’s possible then I’m sure it would be worthwhile.

  3. I have noticed that this sensation occurs when I am around other people who are praying. Sometimes it occurs when I am reading a question here. I do not know what this means, and no special understanding seems to arise from it, however, I just get this sensation in the middle of my forehead, and I have to respond.
    Once, I was at a pipe ceremony, and I had this sensation, and then at the end when we were getting up, I mentioned it, and one woman said to me that I was wearing a headband.
    I do not know what that meant. Some native head bands are very similar to oriental practices of wrapping the forehead as a part of their costume for martial arts. Perhaps these things are related?


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