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Average Person versus Psychic in Parapsychology Research?

Years ago (1930’s) parapsychology retreated into the laboratories to have controlled conditions because of wide spread fraud (starting with investigations in 1882 and before).
So, normal people (not seeking fame and fortune) started to be studied rather than public psychics, mediums, etc.
However, now controls are better and their have been traits found among people that seem to score higher on psi tests.
So, is parapsychology now focused on
(and should they be?) those groups of people or does it still focus on the general population?


  1. Parapsychology is aimed partly at the general public and partly at thos deemed as ‘gifted’ and partly at those deemed ‘average’. This is so that the results have a slightly more accurate reading of ‘abilities’.
    According to most research, the so-called psychics have performed on a par with the ‘averages’.
    There has been no conclusive proof that extra sensory prception truly exists – yet.
    There have however been unexplained cases of people getting high scores in Zener card tests.
    No proof as such, just ‘unexplained’ so make up your own mind as to the reality or fantasy of ESP.

  2. “And if so they can go to James Randis site and win a million bucks right now! However, to date no one can even pass the preliminary test to get into the main testing battery.”
    I don’t think an individual that is psychic would be stupid enough to go to James Randis to win a million dollars. If the individual were psychic enough to win the lottery with their skill, not only would a million dollars be worthless, but chances are the individual would become a lab rat if the individual could valid him or herself. Can you imagine what sort of weapon that individual would be to the military or anyone greedy? It doesn’t take a psychic to see that.

  3. If what firecat says is true, then it supports what most psychics have already been saying… that psychicism is not limited to just people who are gifted, but is free for all who are willing to embrace ‘intuition’ and ‘instinct’ as normal faculties of existence.
    The average person will automatically use their ‘gift’ and not call it a ‘gift’, but a ‘psychic’ uses this for the benefit of others (if reputable, mind you) and is willing to voice the opinion that it is a ‘gift’ and something to be used widely and altruistically.
    I don’t know what parasychology is testing these days, but whomever they choose to study, would result in no more preference in positive results for the public as it would those ‘proclaimed’ psychics.

  4. The moment you stick apparatus onto any test you have changed the parameters of that test, and influenced the outcome. Furthermore, the outcome of your test will be the outcome you expect. (or even wanted.) If you are color blind, will green experiments help you? Or red outcomes of that test? Quantum physics has a lot to say about the machine that is attached to the machine which was tested by a machine. Invented by a person who, should not, know the result. Make me a tester to test something I DON”T know!!!

  5. Most academic parapsychology in the last century has focused on investigating psi abilities in the general population, not because of improved methods or controls, but because the underlying question is whether psi exists in general, and not only in a talented few. If performance tends to follow a normal curve, then it is reasonable to regard psi as just another ability or talent, rather than as a supernormal or “magical” gift. This is does not imply that studying high talent is not worthwhile, because it definitely is. But it does point out that there are different reasons for focusing on average people vs. high talents.
    Another reason that many academic parapsychologists have avoided working with people claiming special abilities is because many (but not all) are delusional or frauds. It is simply much easier to conduct experiments with people who do not have anything to gain or lose by their performance.


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