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I i’m practicing to see auras for 6 days, i can now see my own aura, some objects aura, fruit aura and i can even see the aura of people in photos.
Anyways…i don’t use to see many colors in the aura…and i only can see the aura 5cm or w/e away from the body.
There is anything i can do to get better seeing auras???
No rude answers please ;D


  1. No, there is nothing you can do as there is no such thing. you can pretend and trick you mind into seeing whatever you want it to see. However, it is simply not possible to see an Aura.

  2. Seeing a person’s aura takes more than 6 days to learn.
    My suggestion would be to try not to move so quickly at it. Instead, take the time to be aware of what it is you are sensing. And I’d recommend trying to sense things first, before you try to see things.
    One experiment you might do is just walking around in a public place where there are people. Don’t try to see their aura. Just try to get a sense of what you feel from those people who are around you. Everyone does have an aura. It’s defined by what people determine to be their personal space. Everyone has likely had that experience where you’re at the grocery store, for instance, and someone behind in the line at the check-out gets uncomfortably close to you. That person has entered into your aura. It works the other way too. You can get a sense of where other people’s personal space ends, and yours begins. Ever wonder why humans who don’t know each other don’t get too close to one another? It’s because we are sensing the auras of others.
    Once you get the hang of sensing the aura, then you can start learning things about a person from their aura. What kind of energy do you sense from that person? Do they seem like someone you’d like to get to know? Or are they someone you feel makes you uncomfortable? Do they seem to have a negative energy about them? Or do they seem at peace? Try to observe these things about people. These things, too, are part of their aura.
    Only once you have these basics grasped can you begin to have a fuller understanding of a person’s aura. You may start to sense that certain people seem to be associated with certain colors. Eventually, you will be able to gain insight from this, especially if you know the meanings of those colors.
    That’s how you read auras. This is a useful skill to have, eventually when it pertains to your own aura. You can ‘fix’ your own aura so that you can prevent the negativity from others from entering into your ‘space’. You can use it to protect you, and keep unwanted intrusions away from you. You can widen your personal space, and choose who you want to allow into it, and who you want to keep away.


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