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Auras? What are they? Can people actually see them or is it all just simple science?

I was just wondering what really auras are because every website says something different. I was also wondering if you believe there actually are auras or if it’s all just simple science because I’ve read on websites how to “see them” but they all sound very phony and in your head (like if you think you are going to see one, you will) And if they are real, how exactly can you see them? Okay, thanks Peace and Love. 😀
please answer! Thanks!


  1. I have never seen an aura but I have never tried. I have however seen what I would describe as energy lines. I never really thought about it until seeing a website which described these energy lines exactly as I had viewed them.
    So I believe it is possible.
    The energy lines that I saw were only off people, plants and living things. People say that everything has energy lines but I have not seen them off of non-living objects. They seemed to be wavy worm trails kind of white/clear/silver and came off of everyone. It was so weird because the people who were watching tv…the lines went straight into the tv (like they were being sucked in) and the ones off of the plants just went in all directions.
    I have been told that I have a very bright large aura from random strangers who have seen from across a room. Who knows, I am considering trying to see if I can do it since I can see energy lines, I bet I could see them too if they are real.

  2. I can see auras, it comes with practice. u see auras with ur 3rd eye actually. so first make sure that ur 3 rd eye is open if not u have to do something to open it, and then u will be able to see it.
    and I believe in auras CAUSE I CAN SEE THEM 🙂 and everyone else can !


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