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Auras – what are they and why can i see them?

hey i can see auras and can someone else who can see them please tell me why i can see them and what they mean? why are some different colors?


  1. The only time I’ve ever seen auras is when I’ve had migraines. It’s referred to as the aura effect. It’s when you eyes can’t adjust to the light as fast as they normally do. When the eyes are dialated for longer than they should, in the presence of light, one is able to see what appears to be floating colors.
    If you’re talking about spiritual auras here’s the actual definition: a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing.

  2. Like most things “mystical”, nobody really knows for sure what Auras are.
    A close friend of mine can see auras too. He apparently can tell somebody’s mood or if they are hiding anything as the colour changes. They also apparently vary in intensity from one person to another.
    He reckons it’s a kind of electromagnetic radiation… after all, all living things generate a small electric current, so it’s reasonable to think that it may be linked… You only see it “around” the object as that’s where it’s being generated and the further you go away from it, it dissipates into the surroundings.
    I’ve never seen an aura myself, but I certainly believe in them.
    As for how and why you can see them, check out a technique called KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Using special techniques and systems, you can take photographs of auras surrounding living items… Everybody’s senses are either less or more tuned and able to detect a smaller or greater range of stimulus… I have good hearing (I can actually hear some low ultrasonic which very few people can), but others don’t etc!
    I guess your eyes are more atuned to that part of the world… Have fun Aura spotting!


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