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Is it true that ppl have auras? What does an aura do?


  1. An aura shows what mood you are in…temperature in your body change….some people can see your aura but most people cant. its pretty much the heat coming off of your body and shows what your mood is and the kind of person you are.

  2. Auras, unfortunately, do not exist.
    People that claim to see auras are actually experiencing retinal burn, where the contents of the eye are temporarily burned into the optic nerves that carry sight information to the brain.
    In double-blind tests, no auras exist.

  3. some people claim to be able to see auras. I think it’s like the feeling and moods that surround you as well as a color. like if some psycic gypsy woman told you thet you had a blue aura and she felt calm and light around you, it might mean you are a pretty chill person who is nice and unjudging or something.

  4. Auras can be “captured” with Kirlian photography. These are snapshots of the state of your life emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
    You can photograph the aura of an amputated limb. That shows that the energy is still there and maybe with that energy, the “blueprint” of the limb, you could recreate it.

  5. hey…if you see auras…good on yea…i think it is a bunch of crap myself…my mother used to say she could see auras…i used to mess with her all the time…she is nuts…she was very convincing until i started looking at what she was really saying…if i came home in a bad mood she would say she saw a very cloudy aura with holes in it and it needed cleaned…so i started coming home and pretending i was in a good mood even if i was really pissed and she would see a bright light aura…crap i tell you…crap


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