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Auras & psi balls(energy from others) and projecting?

when i take my friends’s energy for psi balls, i image it white glowing, and sometimes it changes color, would that be their aura color??? and any of you have a really amazing method for psi balls? i also would like a simple astral projecting technique, that isnt too hard and is effective…
thanx in advance:)


  1. Twilight, I am a skeptic, but most paranormal believers will tell you you either have these gifts or you don’t. If you can’t do it then you don’t have the ability. That means you can’t astral project or learn an amazing method for psi balls.

  2. I’m sorry Twilighter, I can’t get past the taking of your friend’s “energy” part of the question. The word energy used in this manner is meaningless and nonsensical – and should raise a red flag to any skeptic.
    Energy does not exist in some pure state, it is an attribute of something or a measurement of somethings ability to do work. Energy can exist and be exchanged in many forms, all of them measurable and behaving very precisely and repeatably according to accurate laws.
    So what form of energy are you taking from your friend, how much are you taking, and how are you taking it?
    The whole psi concept starts to break down at this point.

  3. I think the key word in your question is “image”.
    Your life will be much simpler if you act as if things like psi balls, auras and astral projection do not exist. Do so and your objective results will be identical to those you had before.

  4. I don’t know much about auras and psi balls, however, I do know one thing about astral projection; BE CAREFUL! I’ve done it once before and it scared the shit out of me. But since you want to learn how, I will tell you this way: One, say a prayer to God right before you go to sleep. Two, while you’re lying down flat on your back, close your eyes and while you feel yourself dozing off, pretend you have a rope above you and you’re climbing it. Three, while you’re climbing the “rope”, as you descend into REM, you will begin to climb out of your body. That’s it. The only thing is, when you climb out of your body, you leave it open for anything to enter it. NOT GOOD because I mentioned anything which includes…well, the bad guys. I’ve done this once before, but as I climbed almost 3/4 out, I felt weary so I jolted right back in. While you’re doing this, all you have to think is, I want back in my body right…NOW, and that’s it. The projection is over.


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