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auras? or maybe astral body?

i can see a swirling around people if i can focus, but its only a inch or two around people. somewhere i read that it may be the persons astral body that I’m seeing , as its supposed to be the most dense subtle body. I read in the same book that auras are made up of our subtle bodies, each extending farther away from the physical one. is there a difference between those subtly bodies and auras or are they separate. i would like anyones opinion but please be repectful


  1. everyone has an aura, but most people can’t see it. as for the astral body, this is completely different from an aura.

  2. An aura is a light around a body – Obviously not the same thing as a body, subtle or not. An astral body is not the same. The astral dimension does not have physical attributes.

  3. It is the aura. Which is just made up of personal energy. It all comes down to energy when you focus on other planes, just the level of vibrations are different.

  4. The aura is the astral body when the person is awake but it goes to other dimensions and times during sleep that is how we dream.

  5. Auras. Everything has an aura, even rocks. The largest I’ve ever seen was a couple that the woman’s aura came straight up for 6 to 8 inches then arched to her husband aura increasing his 2 inch aura to 4 inches. Usually, I see a clear/white auras on people however, if there energy is high then colors…..this is a gift, enjoy and learn from it.


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