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Auras in photos of my young nephew…details inside?

I was taking photos of my nephew today and every photo has auras in them except the ones of just my brother. One photo had up to 5 spots. As a child my brother and I had both seen our great grandpa after he passed. He’d sit in the corner chair and watch us play. As a teen my great grandmother passed and I had seen her and felt her hand on my shoulder quite often.
My question is, how many auras show per spirit? My brother and I are sure that 2 of the 5 we had seen could be our great grandmother and great grandfather but for the rest we haven’t figured out yet. Both of them were passed for years before my nephew was born.
I’m not crazy and we used 2 different cameras. Both showed auras.
I’m not Christian..sorry…
My digital camera is fairly new and top of it’s line.
My brothers is cheaper but still really good.
I cleaned the lenses, and we still see them.


  1. A camera, working properly, shows what you see with the naked eye.
    A camera, working improperly, can show all kinds of odd internal reflections and fuzzy images.

  2. We call it flare. It’s light reflecting inside the lens. That’s all. No aura, no one’s ascending to heaven, no one got blessed; it’s just light bounce.

  3. Do you mean to tell me you’d prefer to believe all of this rubbish, rather than admit that you’re not a very good photographer…

  4. Do research into it. Children can be very aware of beings around them….so talk to your nephew and see if he sees ghosts….

  5. Spirits from the dead are familiar spirits (demons). When you die you either go to heaven or hell. No one can stay here on earth.


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