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Auras, in general?

I got a picture taken of my aura yesterday, and I have to say it was just about the most interesting thing i’ve experienced in my life.
I would like to know if anyone else knows much about them, or if they’d like to share…
I know there are different schools of thought on the meanings of the different colors and shapes – chakras, etc. Different opinions?
* I thought it was pretty interesting that the man that i worked with on this believed both in reincarnation, souls, and the christian god. Does anyone with different religions on here also believe in the presence of auras?
thanks, shirley, you’re awfully sweet
actually- it was red and gold, so go spread your nastiness somewhere else, dear
well, I don’t have the site myself, but I have heard a lot of people say that it has scientifically been proven that we have an energy field around our physical body. I’m sure you could google it.


  1. I had mine done about 2 years ago and still have it
    the colours were gorgeous and we did a few experiments with the camera also
    we were asked to agree on a colour and send that colour energy into the room
    and the picture was taken of the room … and it showed the colour that we had all agreed on
    it was quite interesting
    I am not Christian and it is strange to hear of a Christian doing this unless they are Christian Spiritualists

  2. I’m sure it was a pretty picture but do you have any actual evidence that it is, in fact, your “aura”?

  3. I’ve seen auras. Not the big whole things, but sometimes during university lectures I’d start to zone out, and I could see the aura above the prof’s head. I’ve tried to do it on purpose, but it’s hard to get into that state of mind without someone droning on about a subject you already know!
    Mine is supposedly violet and indigo. According to this, I’m a spiritual seeker who feels that I have a message to share. Indigos are supposed to be a great thing to be, but I just get spirit contacts and dreams. I dunno what’s so great about that…

  4. Hi, auras are a fascinating thing – did the people who did the photo for you mention that your aura changes constantly with your moods and thoughts ? The presence of gold in your aura is truly fantastic and not seen terribly often ( it’s an indication of spiritual growth and enlightenment ) – I see auras around people ( not all the time – the light conditions have to be right and you have to be in an alpha or relaxed and focused state ). There are loads of good books on the subject and most people with open minds can be taught to see them (auras). The red indicates tremendous energy that needs to be channeled in a positive way – sounds like you’re doing something right !
    I attend a Spiritualist church and many of us are Christians , Buddhists, Hindu etc – some believe in reincarnation others not.
    Incidentally the unkind suggestion that it might be black is indicative of what that person’s own aura might look like…. Where attention goes energy flows!

  5. The kind of auras people photograph, and possibly see, is electro magnetic energy, I believe. It’s no mystery, all living things generate it, and it’s quite physically real. I saw a cool show on PBS once where they showed how two people’s auras reacted to a kiss.
    I certainly believe that many people can see it (I can’t). From what I understand, it reflects who you are in general and in the moment, just like our posture does, or our voices, or our eyes, to people who are intuitive or highly trained. It’s not your soul – it’s material energy.
    I believe in all the religions, though of course I don’t interpret the scriptures and meanings the same way as everyone else. It’s refreshing to hear of someone who believes in those three things, like I do.

  6. I don’t know what all the colors mean, but when I was about…I don’t know! I was a lot younger (I am currently 19), I got my aura picture taken with my papa (my father). There was TONS of green (which, coincidentally, is my favorite color), some pinks, a little bit of red, and a lot of blue. It was pretty awesome! Still have the picture somewhere too! =]


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