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Auras good or bad?

I’m very intested in auras, and i can see them. But some people think that it bad to see auras, and that its dangerous and that i’m to young to be getting into auras, indigo/children. (i’m 13) So what do you think? Do you think that seeing auras is demonic or something??
The Notoriuos Dr. Zoom Zoom I am christian i’m just highly INTERESTED in auras and the like, however that doesn’t mean that i partisapate in reikki or stuff like idiot! And calling me stupid isn’t the right aprouch to “get me to convert”


  1. No, it’s not demonic… auras are just the energy fields around us. No different than when we measure EEGs and EKGs of the electromagnetic forces in our bodies. There’s nothing wrong with it.
    Check out corilian photography, it shows the magnetic fields that surround the human body.

  2. I see auras (visual disturbances). They are a particular manifestation of migraine headaches. They can also in some cases signal serious neurological problems.
    As a general precaution you should consult your physician.

  3. A lot of people see “auras” (myself included) but it’s usually just a problem with their eyes. Nothing demonic about it.
    You are 13 though and probably think you are really special, so I don’t expect you to believe me.

  4. Well, people at some times have thought that those with epilepsy or had a limp were “demonic” too. So I think that accusation here would be just as silly.

  5. don’t think anything is wrong with that. auras don’t sound paranormal to me. seems like you just have some ability to see the electromagnetism surrounding people.

  6. People who think to see Auras are bad really don’t understand what it is about. You observesly have a talent to see it at such a young age.
    I begin to see it at a very young age and used to think it was just my poor eye sight because I didn’t know what it was.
    Learn to use it wisely! That means don’t just base your whole judgement on people by seeing their auras. Learn to use it is just as hard as controlling it.
    Best advice I can give you is keep this ability to yourself. Don’t go telling everyone that you are capable of seeing auras. It creates fear from other people and they will want to distance you and sometimes not trust you becasue they think you have speical power to read their lives.
    Best of luck!

  7. i encourage you in your second sight. not everyone regards auras as anything special but they are. i myself can see them but not in color. what i see is like a gas that surrounds the body. ive seen myown and my cat was watching it with me. continue enlarging in that aspect in your life while your young because when you get older and get a job and have to stare at a computer screen all day, it deminishes the ability to see them. blessings to you….vix

  8. Good, being able to see the light that surrounds people is a special gift, and it would be a shame if you wasted because a few people are closeminded and/or uniformed. I know that you are a Christian from your previous question, and the Bible only speaks out against sorcery, and aura-viewing is not sorcery, divination or witchcraft. Also, I have heard that halos represent auras. Good luck with your spiritual path…

  9. Seeing auras are only bad if YOU think they’re bad. You’re just reading an energy around someone else. You should do an internet search or a library search on indigo children, the reason for the name is not necessarily because they can see an aura but possibly they have an indigo aura. you can check out the indigo children website or other websites to find out what makes an indigo child. If you’re religious, you can also talk to someone from your church about what your faith believes about these sensitivities. If you need help finding factual information, your local librarian can show you how to research a subject.

  10. No they aren’t bad or evil. They are the energy fields that surround all living beings. And in many holy pictures the saints are even painted with halos, and auras around them.
    Check into it do some reading see what you come up with. If you were given this ability, this gift, it was likely by God for a reason. Don’t let it go to waste

    Seeing auras is good because you know the truth. You are seeing energy. Can you feel someones energy when you meet them? Yes-you know whether you like them or not before they speak! Or you will soon if you can see auras!!
    If you see a bad dark murky aura-that person is hurt or feeling bad. And could cause you harm. If their aura is bright thats not so bad and they have a lot of energy!! you know when you notice someone as soon as you walk in a room -like they are glowing??? Thats their aura.
    If you can see these things it will help to protect you. Go with your instinct.
    This is my story-its long……….but it may enlighten you or you may get something from this……….
    Has anyone seen WAKING LIFE and read THE CELESTINE PROPHECY? Highly recommended if you want to see auras or understand the world more.
    If you are confused or have questions please message me.
    stellavision100 at yahoo dot co dot uk……..just in case they try and take it out!!
    I know some may disagree with this or have some ideas do please let me know your thoughts. I am open and you don’t scare me because I have found the CHI. Its there, and for all you cynics, Shaolin Monks use it too and hey aren’t they cool!
    I am not telling people to do anything and judge me if you will….but this is my story. Its honest so please share your thoughts and experiences too.
    If you feel you want more out of life and feel a sort of unease, this might help to give you some direction.
    I have started to see auras round trees and now round people. I used to feel a rushing of energy that I could easily control when I was in bed at the age if about 11. It was like an electric current rushing up and down my legs and through my hands, I tried to explain this to some people but of course, they just looked at me like they hadn’t a clue. They were probably thinking I was crazy………I then knew life wasn’t as concrete as I/we was LED to believe. It wasn’t all about eating, working sleeping and surviving. I could control my energy levels and my moods to a certain exent….Things feel nearly immaculate now but it took me long time to work it all out. When I read the Celestine Prophecy and I knew that my life had to be led with the same spirit. I knew we had to feel…….
    This revolution all started after I had had enough of being ill, (well it SPED up!! This has been running through my life-when I was 4 I used to get frustrated when told about the sky and how it actually went on forever-it scared me and I said I DON”T LIKE INFINITY-Does it exist? I still don’t know. But we must question) I was 22 and had just finished Uni, I didn’t know what I was going to do and realised my life had gone in the wrong direction, I studied Fashion and when it was all over I felt empty and pointless!! What was life going to be about? Making people look pretty, making people buy stuff they didn’t need. I would be helping people to lead a pointless life, spending money on impressing people. A crap and fake way of getting love and attention. There was no purpose in that! It was all about Egos. The industry was even worse and once I had held a 6 month work placement at Viv Westwood in London (she is a very interesting person but she wasn’t caring and was very cold). The people in the industry had NO SOUL-I couldn’t stomach them!!! I was just creative and wanted to be creative ….but not like this…..not in such a fake environment…..I knew I needed more.
    After this realisation I got ill. I had no idea for 5 years what was wrong with me. My stomach was burning, I felt sad and uncomfortable, I couldn’t relax and I had low self esteem and I was worried about who I was and what the fu** I was going to do with my life……….I went to see different Dr’s and they didn’t know what was wrong with me, they knew I had an acidic belly but couldn’t cure it with any pills they gave me-I was going MAD. Grrrr!
    I couldn’t believe the intensity of the sensation. Something had to be done, I needed a purpose. I was singing and writing songs and that was really the only time I felt ok —so I practised the whole time for the years I was ill. Then I decided to do something with myself and move to London to pursue my singing career and get on with my life. Things were moving too slow for me. I needed to learn more, find out about energy, enjoy life, meet people and inspire myself. So off I went.
    What happened next changed my life.
    I started to record and perform and I was very happy. Things were happening thenb I got a job I liked. I started to work near Harley St in London and met a lot of holistic practioners and they told me a little about chakras and how along the body there are energy points that change. I learnt about reiki and the soul… And about the sloar plexus. I found out that the solar plexus was in the tummy and represented power and ambition. I had moved to London and my bad feeling in the pit of my stomach had gone. I was fulfilling my ambitions and had more power. There was a link there. It wasn’t all bollocks!! I realised my Solar Plexus had been completely out of balance. I had been getting a burning stomach constantly and a bad feeling right in my stomach -but it had gone and how??? I realised my bad stomach was fading and was getting replaced my a happy excitement. I moved from home to the city to fullfill my ambitions the burning went miraculously after 5 years of agony and confusion. And the Solar Plexus chakra was in the stomach and thats where my pain was. Am I making it clear folks?! So I was intersted to say the least. There was shit out there I needed to know. Another thing I learnt was western medicine does not cure you. It just soothes the condition. And disease is that-DIS-EASE. It comes from a spiritual imabalance and you can really tell via how you feel and your moods. So we must LISTEN to our body and soul!!! We must NOT QUITEN THE VOICE OF THEH BODY AND SOUL BY MAKING IT SHUT THE FUCK UP VIA DRUGS. Yes- we CAN HEAL OURSELVES..but you need to catch it early. Before things get out of hand, or it will get harder. I met Gurus, healers, homeopaths-some of which were pyco paths!! So yeah -some people are put off by these things because some of these people are desperate nutters but really there was a whole lotta truth in this stuff. You don’t need to con yourself by spending lots of dough. Really it very simple. Just BE. Don’t want too much or you won’t get it. Have a beautiful soul and beautiful souls will be attracted to you. Don’t waste time trying to make evil people nice-they need to find it for themselves. Shit -learn from me hey, I wasted 4 years on doing this in a relationship with someone who needed me. I was trying to show him. But it dunna work. Its like that thing they say about drug addicts-they have to want to give up. So smokers givin up fags and people giving up the bollocks, its exactly the same!
    When I was told about reiki and how you can heal someone with your hands I was confused and rejected the idea and was sure it was just another way of making money out of peoples insecurities. Then a reiki practioner came to do a talk at my workplace and gave me a session of reiki. I felt something and when I closed my eyes, I saw colours but i didn’t like his energy. He was too pompous and saw himself as a god. He gave me his energy but it his energy wasn’t for me.
    But I knew there was something in Reiki and decided to find out more. I had a session off a girl and it blew my mind. I was really stressed at the time so the difference was more dramatic. It was like god had put his hands on my shoulders and told me everything was going to be alright. I felt refreshed, energised and incredible and beautiful. It made me wanna become a reiki practioner.
    Well my story is still going because my bad tummy has come back, I wonder what that means?
    I am gonna certainly try fulfilling my ambitions -I am singing and writing and thats going nicely. But maybe its cos the same things happening. I am starting to see the industry is hard and unkind. I need a fast pace and I need to keep ultra busy and have missions!!
    So I think I am going to try becoming a healer. I need a new mission. At least this time I know whats going on and what to do.
    Please watch this film.

    or the URL is
    Read the Celestine Prophecy-it will change your life.
    Have anything to share with me so we can work out our life stories a bit faster…got any dramas that are controlling your life?
    Whats wrong? Think about it -is my advice don’t ignore your feelings!!! It can lead to illness. Dont ignore -don’t deny!
    For my tunes.

  12. Never really called it “aura”, but is as good a word as any 🙂
    Many times, upon meeting someone, I feel as though our spirits are meeting one another….the Holy Spirit within us, that is….the Holy Spirit also lets me see the darkness within someone as well…..Doesn’t happen as often as I wish, but when it does, I stand up and take notice!
    It is a Gift, no matter the physical age of a person…..but, we DO have to be careful, for there is a fine line between “good” and “bad”…and, “empathy” is often blessed to the person as well as being a “prayer warrior”….we all are diff parts of the body of Christ, with diff skills needed 🙂

  13. it’s a gift but it should be nurtured under a proper guidance though many people will always interpret is as demonic. The most basic thing that you can do is to nurture a personal growing relationship with Christ by Prayer, Scripture and Study. It would also be better if you have a Spiritual counselor. He can be a priest, nun or pastor to guide on how to take care of your gift and also to help you discern for any influence coming from the other kind (the devil.)

  14. The fact that our physical sense faculties are not absolutely reliable is demonstrated by the phenomenon of illusions, of which there are countless examples. When red and green light rays are impressed simultaneously upon the human eye, the consciousness perceives yellow light even though the actual vibrations do not correspond to the yellow region on the spectrum. When pieces of onion are tasted while the sense of smell is incapacitated, the consciousness can mistake them for apple slices. All five of the objective senses can be deluded, for the sensitivity of each of these faculties is limited to a narrow range of vibratory frequencies, and all realization of stimuli to these senses occurs as a function of interpretation by the limited devices of the material brain. Hence, the images in one’s consciousness that arise from interpretations of stimuli to the physical senses do not necessarily correlate with the actual nature of phenomena in the world around us. To presume such realizations to be utterly dependable and to base one’s thinking upon them in an absolute way would be to build elaborate systems of theory on fundamental premises that are superficially and incompletely perceived and subject to frequent error. The Western world currently is paying a heavy price for its protocol of strict empirical thinking, for people abound in this part of the world who are superficial in their understandings, spiritually undeveloped, and limited in their ability to be creative or transcendental, just as the majority of people in ages past were illiterate.


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