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Auras, energy and pineal gland?

How do I messege people on yahoo answers through contacts? I really need this person’s help, but they have their IM and email not shown =(
i already put them as contact, and hopefully they’ll get this question and answer it?
but anyway, my main question is….can anyone help me or teach me how to use auras or learn to see energy and manepulate it in different ways. Or also if anyone knows anything about the pineal gland and how i can open it or control it? lolz i think this is the only way i can put this question =D
Please do not critisize because your have no idea what you’re talking about (ehm ehm…eri). All i want is a straight answer…non of the…”its impossible”


  1. If you want to enhance your perceptions and the control of your more subtle impulses, the first thing that you need to learn is how to quiet your mind. One of the best ways to do this is to practice meditation or self hypnosis. You can learn more about the techniques by searching for these terms on the web. Don’t pay attention to Wikipedia as that site is filled with much good information, but also a great deal of deceptive or downright wrong information.
    After you have practiced mediation for months and have learned to quiet your mind, you will find that you will begin to perceive more subtle perceptions. The key is to learn to recognize these subtle impulses from your normal thoughts. It takes some time, but there are ways to practice these skills. Be patient and ask more precise questions related to the practice once you are proficient at mediation.
    Once you are then able to recognize the difference between these perceptions and your thoughts, you will be ready to begin to learn to control and use these skills. Again, ask more precise questions once you have learned the previous skills.
    This might sound like a lot of work, and it is. Developing these skills is not magical, and it is not something that you can learn in a few days. Just like any advanced skills, it takes study, practice, persistence, and patience. It is hard work, but there are ways to learn these skills. The specific skills that you ask about (seeing auras, manipulating “energy”, and activating the pineal gland) are actually just a small part of the overall abilities that you can learn. Approach it like serious study and read everything you can find on the topic. Practice for an hour every day. Utilize your practice experiences to inform your readings and your studies. Try to find other people in your area who are also practicing these abilities. You will be amazed at the progress you make, but you must be persistent. Good luck!

  2. There’s no evidence auras exist. It’s just fiction. Energy isn’t an actual thing; you can’t have a bowl full of energy. It’s a property of an object. Everything has energy, but nothing is just energy (except light, but you can’t have a bowl full of light either). So you can’t ‘manipulate’ it. That doesn’t make sense. Your pineal gland is likely working just fine, and it has no paranormal properties. I think you need to be a bit more skeptical about where you’re getting your information. This has no basis in reality. You might as well be asking us why you can’t make things fly using your magic wand.

  3. many good and safe ideas may be found in Hugh Lynn Cayces books, “Venture
    Inward” and others.
    For over 75 years Cayce followers have been working in local study groups
    to develop their spiritual insights also. Early ones wrote 2 books about
    learning meditation and growing in awareness: “A search for God, book I and II.”
    Many of these people found that as they prayed and meditated together
    their insights grew and many began to see auras and have psychic events.
    Like allowing a flower to grow rather than trying to force growth.
    There may be an active study group near you


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