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Auras. Can you see them? What do you know?

I’m trying to find as much information as possible about auras. Anything you know will be helpful – AS LONG AS YOU CAN BACK IT UP. Please, nothing from your role-playing games.
Also, if you can see the auras – is there a way I could learn to do that? This is rather important for me, so only serious answers please.


  1. whenever i walk under lights like certain ones, they flicker out and whenever i get out from under them they come back on. that is an example on it but i dont’ know much about auras. sometimes i think i can see them.
    I’m not a loony either!!!

  2. Hello
    Yes you can see them – they are part of your subtle energy system – it emanates, shows the colours from your chakras.
    You can learn via development – meditation usual does the trick. You will have to accept that you may not see them with the naked eye – but rather within the minds eye.
    join my group if we can help we will do x


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