Auras aye??

I believe in auras. But how can you train yourself to see them? Something to do with peripheral vision? meh


  1. Dear Meg,
    Yes seeing auras is nothing but developing Sixth Sense. This can be developed when one undertakes spiritual practice as per the basic principles of spirituality.
    It is actually sensing the subtle world. On an average today an individual is at 20% spiritual level. After undertaking spiritual practice when one reaches 50% and above spiritual level, one starts gaining by products in spirituality like getting the sixth sense etc.
    Recommend you to read following article….
    This will surely help you out….
    With Warm Regards,

  2. ? if your bedroom door is white Put your hand on the door at night time for a few minutes then turn the light off and there is the in-print of your hand aura in most case blue( try)

  3. “Debunkers of paranormal activity deny claims of the existence of auras, labelling them pseudoscience. James Randi, for example, has for many years offered one million US dollars to any person capable of repeatedly detecting auras; no one has yet succeeded. One such test, which was televised,involved one aura reader standing on one side of a room with an opaque partition separating her from a number of slots which may contain either actual people or mannequins. The aura reader failed to identify which partitions had which behind them, by claiming that all were concealing people.”
    Copied and pasted from Wiki.

  4. When you do a Randi test you agree with him before hand what the rules will be. If the test subject thought he couldn’t see the aura through other objects that wouldn’t have been one of the test criteria that he would have agreed to in the first place.

  5. I really must ask you why you believe in auras. If they’re there then shouldn’t they either be apparent to everyone, or at least measurable using instruments? If they’re real shouldn’t they be visible to us without performing tricks or trying to fool our eyes?


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