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Auras? are they a load of crap or what?

I just think the people who think they have them smell abit and try to give it the old mystic stuff…
what gives?


  1. unless you look at it in a different perspective.. I look at it as a presence. like if a guy is confident it shows or is timid. You can watch people and see how they are.I think that is the real aura. not some mystical magic

  2. The jury is still out. No one has given it an adequate scientific test. There is no physical reason why some people couldn’t have a visual response that is different from others and therefore they would see things that others don’t see.
    Only a well-controlled scientific experiment could firmly establish the facts.

  3. We all give off an aura. Some people believe they can see you aura and the color indicated your mood and potential health problems.
    It is in the realm of crystals and sleeping under a pyramid. There may be some truth to it, but it comes off as rather bogus.

  4. I can not say for sure but I do know that I get a feeling when I am around people and I am sure you may to.
    I just seem to know if a person is going to be trouble or not.
    Is that an aura, or a vibration, or a sense? Who knows? I just listen to it.


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