Auras and christanity…?

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why is it that christians refuse to accept that auras exist yet many depictions of jesus show his crown chakra to be emanating white light?
why the contradiction?

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The aura shown in many christian paintings is a direct result of paganism working its way into the early church. The halo is the representation of a nimbus, which is only seen in pagan art around the sun deity or the children of such a diety.


auras do exist> i don’t know what your reffering to> auras exist and so does Jesus> peace.


I don’t have a problem believing in auras. I can feel when anyone enters my aura.


FOR Christians, everything related to spiritism, or believing in the spirit of something, or its aura, all of that is taboo. They think its diabolic in their dogmatic, fanatic fucked up view of life, where there’s only the bible that matters and contains the only absolute truth. absolutely narrow-minded. They don’t want to know more, so they say its diabolic….
It’s 6am50 here, and me, a schizo that takes aura cleaner WHICH HELPS ME am fighting with a newborn christian (my mother) about exactly that theme. she would rather see me praying and continuing to take neuroleptics until the god of her church that knows it all decides to heal me through her people, and not in the slightest would she reckognize that IT WAS GOD that made this path for me like that with MY VIEW OF THINGS, an that my view could be RIGHT AS WELL. NO, only she knows the absolute truth as a CHRISTIAN.
well, that’s your little story that goes with it.


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