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Aura viewing, has it been tested?

Given that a persons Aura is supposed to surround their bodies, it should be easy enough to test if the phenomenon of Aura viewing is real, you could put a group of people in masks (to prevent ‘readers’ from picking up clues from the subjects face), then one by one ask the Aura Readers to describe the subjects Aura.
If all the Aura readers give the same analysis of a test subjects Aura, we could confirm once and for all if Aura reading is a hoax / valid phenomenon?


  1. it depends on how well each person can feel the aura also the aura could change each time a different person felt it also you don’t need a Camera to see it.
    oh by the way it’s not a hoax

  2. Personally.. I don’t believe in human aura… Its nonsense… Never been prove in medical way worldwide… It just an imagination of insane people… Believe it… There’s only have the word “Psychology” in the mind of human being who think anything they wish…

  3. Scientifically speaking auras are just the thermal surroundings of the body of it’s own temperature meaning if you feel warm you’ll have a bigger “aura” and if you feel cold you’ll have less.
    Personally, this might sound stupid, I’ve seen human auras but not thermally but like a translucent surrounding of ones body. But that was once and it has to have a scientific explanation.


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