Aura training? if your not serious dont answer.?

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was reading about auras, they are don’tgy fields that surround living things. I noticed my whole life that certain things have colors around them. trees and plants have a brown glow surrounded by a vivid orange glow. People have many different colors like white, green, and blue on the right and yellow on the left. some inanimate objects have them to.
things that were alive long ago like coal have a deep blue glow. where they differ from auras is that I have to concentrate for a few minutes before I can see them and they only project about 1/2 a centimeter on humans. The bigger/ older an object is the thicker the glow. A tree projects about 5 inches. I want to know, are these auras or some light trick? If they’re auras, are the all so thin or do i need training or something? where can I train?
Typo: don’tgy was supposed to be energy

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It should be very easy for you to prove you can see auras. Set up a drape or something where you could see a persons aura but not the person. Then you should be able to tell whether or not a person is truly there by the presence or absence of an aura. Show this to your local university’s science department. They will be astounded. I am absolutely serious. They will be astounded.
While I understood most of your question, I was wondering what “don’tgy” means.


I can see auras too. You can do the training yourself just put someone in front of a white wall and follow their aura as high as you can you will get better.

Lol Primates

Since seeing auras can be a symptom of health problems you would be best to talk to your doctor about it.
I am serious.

Totally Me

Sounds like you can see auras. About 6 months ago my friend taught me how to see them. You can always tell if it is an aura by moving slightly. The aura will follow.
When I see an aura on a person though…it’s usually about 2 inches. But the colours sound about right.
Training isn’t needed. It’s usually something you do naturally once you can see them. But you can learn to read them by reading books and learning more about the chakras (if you believe in them).
Good luck!


has anyone ever visited a psychic or medium and had 100% accurate results?

like the medium/psychic told you things that only you know and no one else?

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