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Aura, tell me your stories?

K I have been able to sence aura ever sence i can remember. I could tell when people where close to me (like with-in 10 feet or so) that i either new or that i couls tell were dangores. in 6th grade i was able to learn more about aura and what was happeneing to me. Now i can control my aura a little and see my and others auras too! I can also heal my self, witch is the best part. If I get a cut (only a little one no bigger than a shalow knife cut) i can concentrate my aura on it and heal it right in front of my eyes as long as it doesn’t hurt so much i can’t concentrate. Also i can somtimes tell what people are thinking and I can boost my body’s abillitys by almost 100% but only for about 5 min before I get totaly wiped. It is really good at a moments notice and when my adrinalin rushes for a split seconed i can use that as a platform to get my aura boost going and it takes like a sec to do just by concentration. Also i have developed a move that lets me sence in a small wave around me and to a good length infront of me (depending where my hands are facing and howmuch aura i used) also i can use me aura to alert things like animals. I shot an aura shper at a dog about 50 yards away and then i could hear it bark and run away and if a shoot a human they look up and touch where ever i shot them then look back down. and i can rember people’s aura singtarures.
Now what i want to know is can anyone else do anything like this? Tell me your TRUE stores.
Also if you want to learn how to do any of these things ask me and i will add them.
P.S. Can’t spell for CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye ^__^
Holey crap [ˆ‚єƒч gяανιтч] ™¥s тнє συтѕιˆ‚єяѕ™«! I anit ever becoming famos now 0.0 LOL
How to Heal with your Aura.
First you must be able to make the aura in to a ball in your hand or focus abunch of the aura flowing threw you body to one point and inhanse it. Then once you have that done you need to change it to healing aura. When ever I do that it turns from my nutrel color (blue for me depends on the person) to the healing color (green for me). Now pull the aura in your body or move your aura ball over what you want to heal. Use nutrel aura to set a perimiter around what you want to heal then place your hand down on the spot and remove your hand this will lessen the pain and help it heal quicker. If neither happenes then you either didn’t do it right or you don’t have enought aura or healing powers. I practice every day (exept when i’m sick) for about an hour. I have been doing this for a little over a year. I’m going to extend the deadlines alot so when you read this let me know and ask more Q’s if it don’t work so feel free to ask.
Good Luck ^__^
For: am529
P.S. forgot to add how to change from nutrial to healing.
What i did to get my self started is first you have to belive you can, then once you belive you can, get your nutrial aura in a ball in you hand (best to use and aura ball because it is the base for nearly all moves) then relaxe your self the best you can (best to do this a few times before you get hurt easyer to relaxe and once you remember how it feels and the aura signiter so you can do it when you are in pain). Once you do that, do the same to your aura; feel your aura and relaxe it, the if you can see your aura it sould change colors you your healing color (color changes depending on the person). Hope you get it to work ^__^
To: Green Pandas~
I don’t think that seeing auras is being psycic really. Your psycic if you can move things with your mind (Like big things really fast) and cast spells and can read minds without fail and actually belive that you have psycic powers. (Something around all that) As for getting rid of it no clue cause I like the abilitys aura gives me. But I think that If you belive that aura is fake or stop thinking about it, it might go away. But If you are doing it for God then I would harness your aura to give you more energy and use that energy to go on mission trips and help out more. Me personaly I use my aura abillitys to protect the ones dear to me, and keep me going in what i belive in when things get tough. So if you want to do that and use it to spred the word of God and protect what you belive in and who is dear to you. Anyway I’ll do more research on the matter and get back to you. Reply by doing an edit to you answer or somthing but reply to tell me what you think Please


  1. [∂єƒч gяανιтч] ♥s тнє συтѕι∂єяѕ♫

    I’m kind of psychic. It’s not true psychic abilities, but I’ve been able to predict things (such as people’s names, what grade people got on tests, etc.) I’ve also had random glimpses of famous people dying, but none of it has ever happened yet. I predicted a few months ago that someone famous would die, but he didn’t. This morning I predicted someone extremely famous would die. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. I can see auras a little bit, and I can sense peoples’ presences. It would be nice if I could learn how to heal though, I’ve always wanted to do that.

  3. i can see auras a little if i stare for a while, i usually do it on my teachers cuz if i do it on my friends…well…that would be wierd. i havent been able to see colors of other people too clearly, but a lot of the times, i do it without trying, but im trying to figure out if i can get rid of it, because the bible says that psychics, mediums, drunkards, ect. will not gain the kingdom of heaven, but i can never find an answer on how to do that 🙁


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