Aura Readings

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In simple terms, an aura refers to the atmosphere around the body, a light around a person’s head, or a clear sense of a person’s mood. An aura is an energy field, a life force that we can learn to draw out with a little bit of practice. In an aura reading, a psychic or a medium reads the information from your aura. The aura is believed to be a storehouse of information about your character traits, your strengths and weakness, how you communicate, what your gifts and talents are, as well as information about temporary and chronic illness.

Aura Healing
Aura Healing

The aura may look like different things to different people, but there is always some similarity in all auras. Saints in ancient times are depicted with yellow halos around their heads and something of this sort was seen in the gods of the Egyptians, Buddhists, and Hindus. The aura is believed to be an egg-shaped layer of energy manifested as a fibrous yellow-white light. Most psychics can see up to the third layers of energy, since these are the layers closest to the body. The outer layers are tied to the soul and the spirit while the rest are linked to the mind, emotions, and health.

How aura readings are done

It is possible to perceive your aura using a few simple steps. The most important thing that you must remember before beginning this exercise is to be relaxed. Most experts suggest doing this exercise on your bed, or in any other place where you can feel most at ease, preferably in a place that is not too bright or too dark. An aura reading is best done in a place lit by a candle or the light from another room that seeps under your door.

Lying on your bed, hold your hands out in front of you. Stare softly at your hands. Fix your attention on your hands while looking at the wall in front of you at the same time. This will make your hands look out of focus, but this is normal. Slowly bring your fingertips slowly toward each other, slowly but not touching. You can see your aura as fine blue and red lines at the ends of your fingertips. Bring your hands together and then slowly bring them apart, repeating this process as you see the streams of light connecting your fingertips together pulsate and grow brighter with your energy. Be patient, as you cannot see these lights during the first couple of tries. Also, rest when you get tired, as an aura reading is futile if you are tried or frustrated.

Benefits of learning about aura readings

There are many benefits that can come from the ability to read other people’s auras. For one, you can easily tell the mood of a person based on his or her aura. The aura is also a good indicator of the person’s honesty or truthfulness. Knowing the aura of a person is very useful in making new friends, hiring new employees, joining a new group in school, and even choosing a leader, a mentor, or a priest. You can also identify various minor illnesses long before the disease manifests itself. You can also learn to heal yourself with the help of these aura reading techniques.

Author: Giovanni Paolo Migliore

Giovanni Paolo Migliore writes for various psychic publications online and in print. He is also the author of several articles dealing with spirituality, communication with the spirits, and aura readings.

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