Aura Reading ?

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Can you see auras? I can’t , but have been reading up on learning how to and also how to read them.. any tips from those who’ve learnt? I’ve been told theres a lot of gold in my aura.
oh n before anyone says its rubbish, they don’t exist etc go look up kirlian photography 😉
If you don’t have anything useful to say why bother?
I wasn’t aware there was a parapsychology section on here..thanks!

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its rubbish, they don’t exist
your words….basically what youre seeing is bioelectric energy. new agey people call it an aura. in reality its nothing but your biolelectric signal. you cant decipher anything from it…theres nothing really special about it…its just the residual energy eminating from your body that comes from your brain when signals are passed through your body.
youre taking something very basic and giving it magical attributes.
stop it.


Kirlian photography picks up moisture vapor. Simple as that. Look it up on the Skeptics Dictionary.


What is an AURA


I would suggest putting this under paraphsycology which is found in the science-other section or in Mythology and Folklore. Here there are only going to be people calling you nuts.


A great book is Awareness: Exploring, Experimenting, Experiencing by John O. Stevens.
Your soul is your lens to seeing and understanding. Polish your lens and you will see clearly. Have a distorted lens and you will see the astral information through a distorted and misleading lens.

Moiraes Fate

Yes. But they’re always white, black, or somewhere in between. I don’t see them in color and I don’t know why. I can’t tell you how to do it because I don’t know how I do it. I just do.

fiona k

Aura reading takes time and patience and gazing on the air …
the best way to start is with a semi lit room have your fingers approx 1 inch appart and gaze at the air between them,,if you move your fingers a bit you might start to see a haze first…
good luck

Mr Sceptic

Invented in Russia in the early 1960s, Kirlian photography produces ethereal, almost ghostly images. The subject is placed on a piece of film, then held between two metal plates. A high-voltage, low-current electric field between the plates creates a glowing ‘coronal discharge’, similar to the phenomenon of St.Elmo’s Fire. The shape and colour of the discharge depends on many factors, notably moisture in the air.
It is a physical electrical corona effect and has no paranormal aspect. Some fools call this corona an ‘aura’ suggesting it has some mysical ignificance.
Reading auras? It makes as much sense as reading electric wires or gas flames.


My wife sees them when she has a migraine.


try in the dark with some one in the room,
use your peripheral vision and then fine tune,
try it you`ll see what I mean 😉


Absolute cods again

Shut up



Yes I can see auras, the best way to see them is to look about one to two inches above the person head and to concentrate, try not to do it when a person has a very light or white background behind them, first of all you should see like a white aura around them and gradually you will see a colour, just concentrate but stay relaxed too, good luck and hope it works for you soon.


i aint read in2 it much myself, but i kno th@ one can sense another’s energy at will: we are all energy-based beings and as such we are all sensitive 2 all energy.
interests and curiosities are healthy, but it would be advisable if u had a purpose 4 “developing” this gift


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