Aura reading question.

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How do you read your own aura?

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Close your eyes, relax, and see. If that doesn’t work then sorry. Can you read others?

Jay B

here’s a good website about that stuff,

Tavega B

hold up your hand and have a dim light in the back ground, try not to focus


There are people who claim to be able to read Auras. When you get a reading the person can tell you things about yourself. There is one in Sadona, AZ called Yananda who can tell you about your past lives based on your Aura.
There is also Aura Photography where you can go and have your picture taken and they have a chart that tells you about yourself.
I have had two photos done.
There are books on the subject and you can learn to see your own aura. Then compare your colors in your aura to the chart.
If you send me a picture or tell me what the colors are, I can look at my chart and tell you what it says.
Rev. TomCat


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