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Aura reading. Is there a way….?

Is there a way to see or read people’s auras?
Its something I’m very interested in, and I’m curious to know.
thanks for your help!….if you help, that is.


  1. From what I scanned, almost anyone can, but it’ll take a lot of time, practice, concentration and a larger sense of awareness. Sorry if I didn’t help.

  2. Just toss these ingredients (from the incantation) into a burning fireplace while chanting the spell. You will be able to see auras for 24 hours. This spell is actually used to locate recently called witches, but what it basically does is allow you see all auras so you can find them.
    “To light the aura of the new, skin of snake and chrysalis too.
    To indicate the fresh reborn, tumbleweed and rosebush thorn.
    An egg that means the life to come.
    Take this, oh spirits, and my spell is done.”


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