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aura reading advice?

I am 15 and i just became interested on aura readings but i don’t know much about it.pleaz tell me what you know and what helped you see them.
i am a wiccan and i do belive in these things so pleaz don’t leave stupid remarks!


  1. Calling yourself a wiccan is rather like saying you believe in the Easter Bunny – all well and good, but it will be embarrassing to you when you grow older!
    No-one has ever produced the slightest shred of evidence that auras exist, unfortunately. I think they’d be fun, though, and males in particular would enjoy going around claiming to have a big aura.

    • My age is 18 and I have a psychic ability and spiritual hearing sights and I also do see my own auras. Fortunately I am most likely aura seeker and spirits of holy angel communicator who speak to a ghosts. But the psychic ability is also an aura seeker, too.

  2. Be very, very careful – they are many, many folks out there who make claims about auras – and there is no way to prove if any of those claims are real.
    My favorites are those who claim to be able to adjust the aura by picking out “bad” bits.
    Here is what you need to know – you can’t measure it, you can’t see it, and there are as many theories as to why some folks claim to see it as there are grains of sand on the beach.
    I repeat – be very very careful.

  3. It really doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not – it won’t make it true. You can believe all you want that Bush is a great president, but it will never be true. And there are no such things as auras. It’s made up.
    If anyone would like to show otherwise, including you, this guy will give you a million bucks for a quick demo. What’s stopping you? http://www.randi.org

  4. Each individual has the possibility of being intuitive, however having the ability to see auras is a gift. Auras are an extention of our true selves. We are spirits inhabiting human temples. The various colors come from our essense, our emotions, our nature. It is the adaptable and changeable self. One day full of passion another day full of sorrow and yet another day full of love. If it is your desire to see the aura of others, open your heart to see beyond what your mortal eyes wish to see and see with your soul.
    Want to know more?

  5. What I know is that nobody has ever demonstrated that they are actually able to see auras. Perhaps you could be the first.
    Try this experiment with some friends.
    1. Set up a barrier of some kind which will completely hide your friends, but no taller than the top of their heads. You want to be able to “see their aura” from the top of their heads extending past the barrier.
    2. Select at least two friends who give you different aura readings. More is better.
    3. Do at least 10 trials: Leave the room, a randomly selected friend is positioned behind the barrier, you enter the room, and you read the aura and predict who is there. Repeat.
    Be very careful to avoid any visual, olfactory or auditory cues to tip off who is behind the barrier. You might want to wear headphones to mask your hearing. Nobody wears perfume or cologne.
    Write back and tell us what score you got. My prediction is that your score will be pretty much what random chance would predict.

  6. Do you see auras? What do they look like?
    To my knowledge aura reading is just another gypsy con-job. A way to seperate people from thier money with phony abilities. I could be wrong.

  7. When I was younger and sitting in church, bored out of my skull, I looked up at the platform and could see a glow around the preacher and around many of the people in the choir.
    I didn’t know what it was back then. Nor did I know how much information you could get from an aura, for instance, if someone is being honest with you or not, or how to understand their motives.
    Study Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine and do the energy drills in it. It will help you to have more awareness of the aura and how your own energies and the energies of others interact and react.
    The aura is only 1 of 8 energy systems. Donna Eden lists them as: “the meridians, the chakras, the aura, the Celtic weave, the basic grid, the five rhythms, the triple warmer, and the ‘strange flows’.”
    Also, Ingo Swann has an outstanding book on human energies called Psychic Sexuality.
    Edgary Cayce gave some useful information about reading auras. Edgar Cayce On ESP has a section on auras and aura reading.
    Ted Andrews has a book on how to see auras. You should be able to find it at your local Border’s or Barnes & Noble.
    The sources that have helped me the most with auras are Donna Eden’s book and Ingo Swann’s book that I already mentioned, and attending my friend Dr. John M. La Tourrette’s seminars. His seminars are only open to those 18 and older though, as are my products. The other sources should give you some real good information to study, though.
    Also, check out The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater, ThoughtForms by C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant, The Personal Aura by Dora Van Gelder Kunz, Christopher Hills’ materials on energy fields, and there are many, many additional sources.
    Donna Eden’s book is probably the best place to start.
    Have fun learning to use your abilities!
    Jim Knippenberg


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