Aura question???? For Indigos, phychics, and others.?

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I am 13 (I am an indigo child) and I think I can see auras all of the time instead of just under certain conditions. I see faint colors around people sometimes without having to use aura veiwing stratagies. These colors grow stronger with aura veiwing stratagies. Can I actually see the aura all of the time? If I can, is it because I’m indigo?

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If you are indigo, I suggest you stop holding your breath and breathe normally.

Mr. Mojo Risin

Oh come on! You really believe that crap?

Megami of Nekro

Beware the Christians and others whom do not have a true answer for your question.
It is possible to see auras all the time. I do. It’s kind of annoying, no?
There IS a good chance it’s because you’re an indigo child, though.
– 16 yo Pagan


You have a wonderful gift. Yes, you probably can see the aura all the time and yes again, it is because you are indigo.
Congratulations! Use your gifts with honor.

Katie T

i like purple if that helps any? im 13 too


you see what you see , and nobody can see these things for you but its probley a gift , go with it


Yes you are seeing the Auras all the time. Dont be to freaked out by this, instead learn how the different colors make you feel and use it as like a detection system to keep you from harm. And yes, Indigo Children do tend to have stronger abilities than most other types of people. The only I have found as strong or stronger are Children of the Relm.

steven g

Spiritually advanced souls can perceive subtle and spiritual energy, dont allow your purity to be covered over by dogmatic indoctrinaton processes, take good association in your chosen tradition and advance toward the Supreme.


well, maybe you could really see all the time, but maybe not. Check out with other psychics if you have the same readings, If not, something is wrong.


hi,i’m 13 as well and also indigo,it is quite possible for you to see auras,i was able to see them since ever but i can stop seeing them when ever i want and then see them again,weird…


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