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Aura Question??? Difference?

I have a strong aura, i create spheres and streamers and play w/ them all the time, i can also heal my self very quickly. So, i was just wondering, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being normal, like being w/ friends every waking second and texting on cell phones and 10 being extremely different. How different am i? I’m only 14.


  1. its hard to say. I can read auras, and a lot of people are very aware of their own auras. It isn’t rare, but most people don’t have that ability. I agree with the first answerer, 3.

  2. I would say you are a “1” in that you are totally normal. Just because you can sense your own aura does not make you that different from the rest of humanity. However, you are more in tune to yourself which is remarkable and I hope you use your ability to help others.

  3. I suspect you are a *Crystal* person (an even more sensitive and aware human than the *Indigo*s)..They are mature Souls and have advanced DNA and often display spiritual abilities, many being clairvoyant and often telepathic..
    Many other young people will not be able to understand you and will sense you are *different* but then there are more and more Indigos, Crystals and Star *Children* coming to Earth now, as the *shift in consciousness* currently occurring changes life on Earth in many ways..Everything is changing now we are moving towards 2012, not in a negative way but quite the opposite, for we have begun to move from 3D to 5D, which is why we are experiencing TIME itself flying by faster and faster, for in 5D we experience time very differently to NOW..
    I know there are sites and books dedicated to Indigo young people and it would be worthwhile for you to look at these to help you understand your self more..You have come here to help humanity and Planet Earth, as I have..If you wish to talk more about this pls email me via my profile..Blessings..


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