aura photo?

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I just had an aura photo and have a huge blue heart chakra.
What does that mean?

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Cold heart ? .. Whatever it means, it sounds like a cool photo ! Good Luck! 🙂


Means your heart is bleeding over wasting money on that


Try this web site for your answer:


remember that the aura is constantly changing, so an aura photo is only a snapshot of what your aura looked like at that moment. The heart chakra is normally green and the throat chakra is normally blue, but each chakra has aspects of all the chakras within it. The blue throat energy has qualities of communication, giving and self expression. Your heart chakra is connected with harmony and unconditional love and joy. Having blue in your heart chakra would likely have to do with communicating, giving or expressing that harmony, love or joy.

Srinivas Y

Its Good


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