Aura Healing

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Do you believe in one’s aura? Do you believe that aura exists? Or … Do you believe in aura itself?

Numerous questions have been boggling the minds of many people especially those who are into spirituality. You may say that people who believe in a certain spiritual level may differ in the understanding of the world in some thoughts. However, the reality is powerful that some moments in our life, we tend to forgot that there are also presence of human body energies upon us.

People can be very curious and observable when they learn a thing that is not really familiar within them. Society learns to think and develop hypothesis from different experiments they do in order to know if there is a presence of the variable they have been testing. But some persons do not need these kinds of experiment because they believe in that variable.

Just like aura, which is said to be radiating in all living beings, may not clearly seen and perceived with naked eyes, though many claims to see it with normal eyes by practice and meditating upon it. An aura can be defined as the luminous light that surrounds your physical body which is classified in parapsychology and spiritual practice.

A human’s aura can look like a halo or projected light that radiates within your body shape. As mentioned earlier, it is not visible easily from a person even on your own self. Though some can feel aura, some can smell aura, depending on your psychic skills.

Aura Healing plays a vital role to project your aura so you can use it as one of your human protection. Healing your aura needs patience it may take couple of weeks to three months in order to notice the changes in your aura.

Being in Nature is the fastest source of aura healing and if you can, hug a tree, it’s the best source of aura healing. Alternative Spend some time sitting under a tree.

Practice few minutes of Silent meditation watching your breath coming in and going out, eat raw vegetables and if possible try to give up eating Chicken, Meat and Fish.

Try to give up with impure and violent thoughts, having anger and hatred thoughts weakens your aura a lot.

If you are single or having lot of sexual thoughts all the time, then try practicing tantra meditations, Chakra breathing meditation is a nice Chakra cleaning method to release emotions from various chakras.

Negative thoughts not only weakens but make our aura vulnerable to negative entities. As they say like attracts like.. So is true with entities, you may attract something that your aura is reflecting.

However, there are various useful practices that can be done regularly to ease the aura out.

First aura healing can be done early in the morning. Remember not to open your eyes immediately, instead, think of your aura that is radiating upon you for about four to five minutes. When you feel that you are already awake, meditate on it then get up.

Second simple guide is to think of a halo above your head. Imagine the halo which is six inches apart from you then slowly build up the aura surrounding your body just like the shape of you. Think that your aura protects anything away from you even when you are asleep. Get to bed and be ready to fall asleep as your aura blankets over you.

This way, you will think that nothing can bother you. Think that you and your protective aura is not vulnerable to any matter. If that happens, you can now go to sleep in a harmless feeling.

To continue with aura Healing, you should practice cleaning your aura regularly especially when you are alone. Since different energies of people in a crowded place may harm your peaceful and calm energy . However being in company with people who are stress free and meditative can help a lot.

And just like that, your patience will not be wasted because you will know how to make your aura radiate and protect you.

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