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aura energy? do not comment if it is negtivitie?

I am trying to flow my aura ENERGY and while i was doing it i opened my eyes for a second, and well This blue spark fire from my hand and dissipatedd in a split second. So I am asking, can you make your ENERGY literly glow/radiate from your hands? I think you could, because anything is possible right? you just have to put your mind too it. And if your a Wicca or anything that says this is merely impossible, Then you are just as close minded as people that do not belive in wicca


  1. I don’t know what brand of paint thinner you’ve been sniffing, but not only are your beliefs all screwy if you’re claiming to be Wiccan, but you’re obviously out of your mind.

  2. that’s really cool.. I think I do believe in that stuff. Is there like a website that tells about this… idk what to call it magic? lol.
    Umm I don’t really know anything tbh, but I have always been intrigued by this. And the first person is just an idiot… and I wish more people weren’t like her because I do think most of the stuff wiccans practice is real, and I think that’s also why many people who practice it don’t say they do.
    Like, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m wiccan”. Even though, like when I go on answers I see a lot of them.


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