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Attention Witches! Is there some kind of mythical Witch hell or purgatory?

I’m dreaming up a fantasy story and need some kind of bad place or spiritual jail where a Witch who has done something bad might be sent. Of course, this would be some mythical place … Celtic? Fairy? Alexandrian? I don’t want to use the Christian hell or purgatory in a Witchy fantasy, so please help me out.


  • Hell is not a christian term, nowhere in the christian bible will you find the word hell in the original text,

    Hel is the Norse traditions underworld, it represents the grave and is ruled over by the daughter of Loki, Hela, a goddess and frost giantess.

    Just another fine example of where the christian mythos is nothing more than a fusing of all the other myths of the world.

    Use hAdes in the story, or Hell or just the term Underworld (that would be my choice)

  • You could just go with some generic version of the “Underworld”–maybe incorporating the Goddess Hel in there somewhere maybe?

  • it would all depend on what deities they follow. That show Charmed makes a lot of things up (they pull a lot of things out of their ass) so why cant you?

    also wikipedia and google may have the answer 😉

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