Attention IDENTICAL TWINS ..~Do you two have uncanny mental telepathy w/ea.other and???

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you know experience reading one another’s minds + unusual sympathy pains [if the other accidently gets hurt ect]??
Also are there any identical twins out there who’ve had a series of bizarre life experiences REAL similiar to the other??[for ex. your spouses have the same 1st name, or you both won a lotto, or whatever]

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T Branson

i have an identical twin brother, and sometimes weird things can happen. There are a lot of times when we will be thinking about the same thing or just say the same thing at the same time out of nowhere. There are also times when one of us will just say one word and the other one will know what the first one is trying to say. i’ve never experienced “sympathy pains” or whatever. But a few years ago when we played football, my twin brother broke his thumb at the beginning of the season and I broke my thumb at the end of that same season – the only time either one of us got hurt playing football.


I’m a mirror twin my sister and I can tell when the other is upset without having to call first. Our cousin loves to watch us talk back and forth finishing each other’s sentences for the other even though we have lived in a different state for 7 years now. When I got into a motorcycle accident in July she called my mother before I did to ask what happend to me. This was because her foot was hurting (I sprained my ankle really bad and got 9 stitches and an ambulance ride at blood I go willingly). We both get the mystery bruise or get sick within about a two week time frame of each other still. In 2001 my sis bought a 99 Ford Ranger 5spd truck it was gold she drove up from tech school in texas and saw the truck my husband at the time and I had just bought around the same time a 99 Chevy S10 5spd gold in color. The trucks were so identical the guard at the base gate that i knew thought that my sister was me and refused to check her id.


Actually at this very moment my twin brother is in the hospital with chronic pancreatitis and all of last night and even right now I am having “sympathy pains” in my chest and back, which is where the dull aching pain is centered in regards to pancreatitis. We’ve had experiences like that before when he was having a perfect day i.e. he got paid, went and had a great lunch, did some fun things throughout the day and I was at work but in a VERY EXCELLENT mood for no explained reason. They think it’s mirror nuerones that explain why people feel these “sympahty pains”, certainly makes one wonder. . . . . . . .


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