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Attacked by Demons?

Yesterday, i just came home from summer camp wherein I accepted Jesus in my life.
And because it was a camp, It can’t be ignored to be physically tired…
And so, I just recently came home yesterday and immediately slept throughout the day.
And as much as I remember, it was about 10 pm when i woke up to open my eyes and suddenly I can’t move!
I can only move my eyes but not my body. I have experienced it before and my dodctor calls it a “Sleep Paralysis”. So i just closed my eyes again and tried to sleep it through.
But it happened again! And this time when I tried to move my eyes, i saw a woman wearing a blue dress/gown standing next to my bed and all i can hear is the sound of a screaming woman! And i felt that someone was pulling my legs from the bottom of the bed. And this time, It is hard to breathe…
So, the first thing that came up to me is to pray to God. And suddenly, I can move again. i stood up as fast as i can to turn on the lights…
And after I turned on the lights, i looked at where i saw the woman and I saw no one…
And i was a bit freaked out so I prayed to God again to say thank you… And went to bed again…
Is this even real that i was Attacked?


  1. Sounds like my dream too…although I enjoyed the part about the woman wearing a blue dress standing next to my bed. My sucky part of it though was that instead of screaming she was laughing and pointing…yeah…try and have a good day after that.

  2. it doenst sound like the usual nightmare.. but all ya need to know is that He will come when you call ou to him.. He will never fail you or foresake you. 🙂

  3. Whilst picking mushrooms in the forest, be careful of what you ingest, yes?
    You’re totally freaking out, man.

  4. I’m not sure, that’s very strange…but I’ve heard of it happening before. And it is usually related to the supernatural.

  5. it happens to me sometimes. It happens and it will happen, I just quote scriptures and stuff in my sleep and they went away, My first one happened at 9 or 10 years old. A lady at my church told me to put a bible under my pillow and it scared them away. (i kept my bible opened to a scripture under my pillow.
    It happens because they dont want you to be saved and they are trying to take you down. Try talking to a person at your church. I hoped I helped. 🙂

  6. i experience that to but lucky me I’ve had no demon or entities in my room. many people have this and they experience(old hag)syndrome, with an old lady sitting on top of them, suffocating them.

  7. This is a common sleep disorder and mental illusion called “old hag”. It’s a common type of waking dream and has no reality. It has nothing to do with religion or the supernatural. It is probably related to the illusion of being abducted by aliens—the same basic experience manifests itself in culturally-determined forms.

    • I woke up thinking I was dreaming about a darkness taking over my bedroom. Like a black cloud that kept getting bigger. I was praying and tying to make the sign of the cross but could not move my hand. I was terrified. My husband was sleeping on the couch and woke up to my dog going crazy outside my bedroom door, which I never heard. Then it just stopped. Unless my dog and I share a medical condition its all too real.

  8. I would not discount the demonic. My sister was pushed into her mattress in University by a demon, and she was a Christian and had a Wicca roommate.
    Praying your own surrender to Christ for your heart, mind, soul, spirit and body (as well as the subjection of all the physical space that you have authority over), to the authority of Christ – Who has conquered *all* (incl. the demonic) by his incarnation, life, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of the Father – is not a bad thing.
    Nor is praying for the adornment of God’s armour (Ephesians 6) a bad thing, either.
    The explicit reliance on God’s grace for your very life is never a bad thing to acknowledge daily, especially with all the powers and principalities (Ephesians 6.12) out there.

  9. Sounds like it. Normally I would agree with your doctor, but the fact that you just came from camp where you accepted Jesus, it happened more than once, you felt like you were being pulled, ,you saw a screaming woman, and it went away when you prayed seem to indicate that you have angered some powerful enemies. They DO do this stuff when you accept Jesus. Nothing makes evil angels madder than someone getting saved. They work to frighten people back into the slavery of sin. The good news is, that when they are unhappy, you are doing something right. Stay strong in the faith. Grow in Jesus, and remember that He has granted you authority over all the powers of darkness. By trusting in His holy name, they won’t be able to come near you. Also, pray for God to remove your sleep paralysis. That sure would be a blessing.

  10. yes! that is real! i had something similar happen to me before. because you accepted Jesus…satan is going to attack you. when im not totally focusing on God there will be times that satan will attack me. it sucks but i just pray and it goes away. i definitely call on Him when i feel im in trouble…im glad you experienced that it works! 🙂

  11. No, this has happened to thousands of people including me. I’ts a sensation when you wake up like you cant move and you feel like someone is in the room with you. That lady you saw was just a hallucination that took place. People can hallucinate before or after they are in bed, its part of the brain.

  12. more than likely no.. many people experience just what you described. especially those who believe in alien abduction..
    I think since your a new christian, its important that you grow in the holy spirit. read the new testament.. and you will discover that demons don’t like to be near Christians because you have the holy spirit living in you..

  13. The first thing the devil does to a new christian is try & instill fear. The second is to try & convince you your experience with Jesus was false. Claim the blood of Jesus and continue to pray. The Bible says “Resist the devil & he MUST flee.” Not might flee but must. GBU

  14. I believe you 🙂 Of course if you arent sure if this happened for real or not you can allways talk to God about it and ask him to help you find the answer 🙂 Im defenatly sure that what ever it was (demon, spirit, negative energy) by you praying, it did make it go away 🙂 Im glad that you prayed and trusted God with it 🙂 He is very proud of you and Loves you unconditionally 🙂 If you are comfortable and believe in Guardian Angels, you can also start to get into a deeper relationship with your Guardian Angel and maybe you will find the answer there. Angels are messengers and servers of God. Although we should never worship them, it is ok (in my opinion) to be aware of them and pray to them with any problems, question sand consernse you have. They always work with God 🙂
    All the best of luck to you 🙂
    Love Light and Peace 🙂

  15. Do not eat heavily in the evening specially if you are about to sleep in the next few hours.
    There is probably an eating habit and lifestyle that may need some adjustment or changes in order to have a healthy mind and body.

  16. I believe you. Yes, demons can spiritually attack you. When you give your life to Christ, you are basically giving him control over your spirit. Do not be surprised if you wake up feeling as if you have left your body and hiked 30 miles! You are now a target that Lucifer wishes to break down and destroy. I have had the same experiences and worse. Sleep paralysis, psssh. Yah, for you lucky people, but i believe that there is something more.
    And for you people who want to make ignorant comments, there are many things that cannot be seen and detected by the machines of man, so don’t discount something just because it seems unreal. Radio waves, photons, magnets, infrared, gamma, beta, alpha particles, GRAVITY (which has yet to be detected only “observed”): you believe in all these things and yet you can’t believe in what you feel inside?

  17. If your telling the truth, I would suspect its demons.
    Right after I was born again I was visited by demons also.
    Trust in God.
    The Bible says when the word comes, faith comes, but it also says satan comes to steal the word. You need to make sure your heart is fertile soil and trust in God through persecution.
    God promises this as well, submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.
    Jms:4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

  18. Yep, I have had it happen to me before and I am glad I am not the only one. Not that I enjoy knowing you had to go through it……it is scary. I was asleep one night and I couldn’t move, this was normal for me in a dream. Well I was dreaming something really stupid, I was talking to these two guys, that I for some reason had identified to myself as demons even thought they looked like normal people, and we were having this bet that I could/couldn’t talk. They were saying I could talk and I was saying I could. Well so we bet on it(by word nothing involved) so I tried to speak and I couldn’t. I have had that happen to me in my sleep before too…where I couldn’t talk or move, it use to happen to me as a child. but what I did never have happen to me was that all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe….so…like you, I prayed to God. less than a minute later I heard a loud, firm voice say “that’s enough” and I woke up. So yes, I do believe it to be a demonic attack and it is real. Just pray when these things happen. A lot of people believe also that you should cast them away in the name of Jesus. I don’t know if I believe in that or not……that we have that authority to use Jesus’ name to cast them out but we do have dominion over them………..but like I said, just pray about it and that is about all you need to do and it is real………..

  19. God will see you through this..When we are first saved the devil works hard on us..I went through something similar..Try saying out loud “i rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus”. God is always with us..God also put doctors on this earth too..Pray and ask him for guidance, have faith and believe in your heart no matter what that he is working for you..If you pray and you feel the need to seek a doctor go. I will pray for you..God bless you…

  20. Sorry but yes. My story. I was younger and had the same experiences. I would be sleeping and I would get a paralysis. I would pray and it would stop. I wouldn’t remember the next day. As time went by my faith grew stronger. these things kept occurring not really frequent but they happened. Prior to the first gulf war the spiritual warfare become sever. This paralysis kept happening, but this time the spirit inside me manifested itself and let me see. I saw through the spirits eyes. What was causeing this was a large spiritual entity. It would come outside my room reach through the wall and grab my head with its hands. It caused this paralysis. true story. Now I knew what it was and I was ready. I went to the catholic church and botled some holy water. I came home blessed the house on the exterior walls with the Holy water in the shape of a cross. True story!. As I slept one night it returned. It attempeted to reach threw the wall. when it touched the blessed wall this is what happend. This spirtual entity was shocked and how. It sounded as if a spiritual bomb went of . It exploded with spiritual energy. This entity screamed in pain lowed I could hear it if only by the spirit. The entity was tall like 8′ or so. It was in the form of a fallen angel but was of the spirit. It was evil. To the best of my knowledge it hasn’t returned and I am glad. True story. God bless and stay strong. God is with you and is our father and the ruler over all spirtual powers. God gives his Holy Angels charge over you they are powerful don’t worry stand strong and face your fears.You will be okay.

  21. A few balanced things first. After sleep deprivation you are more prone to nightmares. Get more sleep.
    Even so your sleep paralysis may be demonic in source or demons are taking advantage of your weak points (since you are now an enemy) It may also be a representation of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Basically you are like the guy in the movie “They Live” who has just discovered that there are (previously invisible) beings out there who mean us no good.
    Renounce all occult activity in the past if you have done any kind of Ouija board or experimentation in anything considered psychic. If this does not do it start to pray and try fasting as well as consulting a knowledgeable pastor. If you have not gotten into a church then do so.
    Better safe then sorry and…. congratulations!

  22. Yes, you were attacked. But that demon is more afraid of you than you should be of it. Jesus gave us the keys of the kingdom. Use them. Here is the Scripture: Matthew 16:19. Jesus says, I give you the keys of the kingdom. Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heave. And whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.// So you say, “Devil I bind you in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus.” I say this every night I go to sleep because I do not want to be attacked. Now if a demon is oppressing you in some way, and binding doesn’t work, say, “Devil, loose it now in the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus on you.” Demons are afraid of the blood of Jesus. When you mention the blood, they scream in terror. Remember, Jesus ripped their power from their leader, the devil. They BOW at the name of Jesus. So don’t be afraid of them. You have authority. Jesus said All power in heaven & earth has been given to me. Now I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the devil and nothing shall in any way hurt you. So go on treading, my friend, stomp on the devil’s head. Stomp him, tromp him. He’ll stay out of your way. BTW, congratulations on receiving Jesus as your Savior and coming into His Kingdom of love and peace and joy. Grow in the knowledge of God by reading your Bible. I like the New American Standard, but use the King James & the New King James, too.

  23. Yes, it is real. I believe that the demons manifest them self when they start loosing their dominion and control over people and they will try hard to scare you in hopes that you will give up the belief in Jesus Christ. I had many similar experiences for a long time and what I notice that they will lessen these attacks if I lessen my interest in God. My faith grew stronger since then and now I no longer have them I believe because they finally lost their ground I no longer have doubts I belong to God Lord Jesus Christ.
    Be strong and seek God with all of your heart and soul, and don’t be afraid if you get attacked again they will eventually stop and you will be Free.
    1 John 4:4 You are from God, little children, and have overcome them;Because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
    God Bless


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