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Atlantis and the Illuminati? Connection here?

Alright so get this. Everything you believe is a lie. Hit your head against a wall right now you are under the Illuminati spell. I know im gonna get a lot of non-believers but this is the truth. Christianity is a fabrication invented by the Illuminati. The Illuminati is basically a secret brotherhood that started in the Empire of Rome and resides in the Vatican, which is basically its own state. Why you may be wondering? Because it holds “Seeecrets”. The Catholic church preaches about giving but it is the richest muh flippin bunch of people in the world. We all know the Vatican is a freakin goldmine, why is that? Because they are the freakin global elites peoples! Geez! Alright so this will blow your little pea sized mind controlled brains…ready?…the lost city of Atlantis is no fable like they’ve had you believe..like Disney led you to believe with movies like “The Little Mermaid”. Yes, Walt Disney was in on this too. We were all lied to. The truth will be revealed in the coming years. The Earth is showing signs with quakes poppin up randomly. There is a stargate in the Gulf of Aden. I shit you not!!! Honestly, does the whole Christian story make much sense if you really back up and think about it? No, but youve been conditioned to think it is. And let me ask you this…Why is there a giant pine cone statue in the Vatican Square? I was never taught to worship a giant pinecone in Sunday school. I will tell you now… because the pineal gland, our third eye (google it) is shaped like a pinecone. I ask you to wake up people! Wake the fuck up!!! Live your lives like youve been living. Im not asking you to change your precious little habits of going to work everyday but accept this! Im outa here! Peace!
I apologize in advance for sounding like a complete moron.


  1. Atlantis -> myth. Illuminati -> myth / nutjob conspiracy theory.
    >> “so this will blow your little pea sized mind controlled brains…”
    >> “The Earth is showing signs with quakes poppin up randomly.”
    The earth experiences hundreds of quakes per day, all over the globe. This has been the case for billions of years.
    >> “There is a stargate in the Gulf of Aden.”
    I stopped reading after this.

  2. I don’t know what your talking about (because I didn’t read what you were talking about) but maybe Atlantis or the Illuminati could teach you about forming paragraphs.

  3. the pine cone is a roman sign of fertility
    the illuminati wasn’t started until the 1500s, there is not a single bit of evidence there were operating during the roman republic or empire
    ATLANTIS was probably Santarini
    i was thinking you wre just stupid until you got to the star gate
    but your a troll
    we do bring a pine tree in to worship each december

  4. Please edit the numerous grammar errors in your question and maybe then, by sheer luck, I will join you on your quest to overthrow the Illuminati *shhhh*.

  5. Alright, so get this. Everything you put on here is a lie, except for the things about the Vatican being “a freakin goldmine run by the global elites”.
    Hit your head against a wall right now, you are under the spell of a whole lot of NWO propaganda, which is anti-Christian in every way, and aggressively pushes a new age agenda.
    As for the Catholic Church, the Bible has something to say about it. You should definitely check out this article, or else stay willfully ignorant and brainwashed by your beloved NWO propaganda.

  6. I like how you call everyone else pea brains, then finish with realizing how you sound like a moron.
    just ride this trip out, man. it will be over in a few hours

  7. I will admit that you really could have delivered that a bit better. It might have help the point you were trying to convey, plus you did a lot of rambling. as for the other comments made from others. Maybe you all should do some research before you are so quick to criticize and judge another person despite how rash he may sound. I know you cant be that sensitive (but that is one of the problems of the world and until we get past that we will never be able to come together to save our children or great grandchildren’s future). There are some truth’s to some of what he is saying but if you feel better not knowing that things are happening on a larger scale than you realize, and not exactly in your favor, then go ahead. Its up to you to accept or dismiss what reality is (just know that it still wont change the actual reality just how you see it) which is fine. I don’t hold a lot of my research to be complete truth nor do I totally dismiss it. A lot can just go into a list of possibilities until more information is found to support or link to it. If you did any research and paid a little more attention you may realize that these presidential elections have been orchestrated especially the present and past 2, that should raise a eyebrow alone. But we as a collective love drama especially reality drama, and it will distract us from realizing whats really going on. Just a suggestion If you would really like to know what maybe going on check out this book “The 48 Laws Of Power” By Robert Greene(link is below) then do some research of your own and a good place to start would be the second source link below you may be interested in what you find. Understand that the powers that be are afraid of us (yes we do have power) but only as a collective whole because it would be hard to control. That’s why they are trying to decrease the population so they can maintain control (war is one tool but not the only tool) research Chemicals in food and water. These are all just suggestions. Well good luck and GOD Bless


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