Home Discussion Forum Athiests how to you explain how consciousness by reductionism.?

Athiests how to you explain how consciousness by reductionism.?

If you don’t understand reductionism here it is. How can you break down consciousness to examine it? I mean how can information can be turned into consciousness within our brains?
Basically how can and why would consciousness exist for no reason? For example if we were all evolved by chance and randomness in a bowl of soup how could us(consciouss) not be made by intention? What is consciousness?


  1. 1) Not all atheists are scientists
    2) If you really wanted to know, you’d find the answer out for yourself by research
    3) The answer more than likely is not “Goddidit”

  2. I agree with the first poster. The second you used “chance and randomness” to describe evolution, you instantly lost any credibility.

  3. electricity…
    this is such a long explanation I’m not getting into it, but you can shock someones brain to make them cry, or to make them hungry, ect
    It is explainable, the answer lies in electrical signals and nerve endings, along with crazy intricate chemical processes
    Like a rube goldberg machine

  4. The difference between humans and other animals is of degree, not kind. The fact that we like to draw a big black line between ourselves and the rest of the animal kingdom says more about how we like to think of ourselves than it does about biology.

  5. This is another prime example of someone failing yet to realize that Atheism does NOT equal that you are some leading biologist, psychologist, sociologist, etc., and know the extreme details of the inter-workings of the contents of questions with the likes of this.
    If you really want to find a real answer to such a question dealing with the human psyche, ask within the psychology section, not in the religion and spirituality section.

  6. I’m an atheist not a scientist.
    I don’t believe any gods exist.
    What more do you not understand about atheism.

  7. “I mean how can information can be turned into consciousness within our brains?”
    “random bowl of soup…”
    I’m still not sure what you are asking.
    Do you mean how did we become self aware?
    Dear, everything happens by natural means. There is no rational reason to assume otherwise. If you think the human mind is intricate, study the delicately interwoven life cycle of wasps and fig trees. It will blow your mind, but it happened naturally no goblins gods or goulies were involved.

  8. Intricate dance of chemicals and hormones along a tangled web of neurons developed over millions of years.
    Edit: And sure you can break it down. Brain damage, for example, leads to less or intermittent consciousness.

  9. “I mean how can information can be turned into consciousness within our brains?”
    Who says it does?
    Just cos you don’t understand science is NO reason to automatically assign all unknown stuff to some breed of invisible sky critter.
    THAT is childish.
    I don’t understand how and why electricity or gravity or magnetism, etc works.
    It must be ‘god’.
    There is no ‘meaning’ to our existence. It is as simple as just being for the sake of being.
    We are, at best, an accidental collection of loosely combined molecules responding to our environment … no matter how sophisticated that environment may be or we imagine it to be.
    At the end of ‘life’ we ‘disperse’ back from whence we came … stardust.
    We may as well have some fun while we’re here without all that paranoia stuff – thinking there are invisible sky critters watching and waiting for us to screw up.

  10. It exist because it is beneficial to our survival. What is consciousness? It’s how our brains work. Go ask a neurologist.
    There is not a scrap of evidence that consciousness is anything but our brain working.

  11. Firstly, I sense you are inferring that we have evolved by chance.
    Anyone, with even the most basic understanding of evolution, would realize that chance and randomness had nothing to do with it.
    Humans have been evolving for close to 2 million years.
    What you and I are today has been a gradual, systematic, progression whereby, we have adapted, changed and grown a consciousness.
    What is your definition of consciousness?
    Mine and the Oxford dictionary’s definition is : awareness of ones own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc..
    Under this definition, ALL humans, other than someone in a coma would have consciousness.
    It is something that has “evolved” to it’s current high level over the last 2 million years.
    It did not have to given to us as a gift from god, if that is the point of your question.
    Nor do we have to believe in god to have a conscious


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