Athiests have you ever tried yoga or chakra awakening meditation?

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Proves the supernatural.

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Never have tried it.

The Sun is Shining ❂

Yoga, yes, on several occasions. Chakra awakening meditations, once. Neither one revealed anything supernatural to me, as I recall.

No Chance without Bearbones

The only thing yoga has proven to me is that I am not very flexible.


My friend, Christianity poisoned them to the extent that they won’t even consider eastern religions. First the concepts are alien to them to begin with, and secondly I think they believe they’d get bitten a second time. Most atheists I talk to about Buddhism, once you get them over the hump of “its not another mythology loaded with rules” tend to like the idea of buddhism. I have actually converted several atheist friends to a buddhist path of wisdom once they realize its not a bunch of ‘do this don’t do that’.
If they only understood.


Yes, and, it didn’t make any difference, I am still an atheist. Corporal and mental exercises can be healthy and bring great awareness but they are not meant to change a person into something else than herself. In the times of Xu-Xi (1900…), the chinese boxers came to believe that Kung-Fu could make them invulnerable to bullets. Well, here’s the great news: they died!
Following blindly the blind is always pure madness.

pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ™ of the West

No it doesn’t.
I do 20 or 30 minutes of yoga every morning, it keeps me limber and helps with some of my aches and pains. It also helps me calm my mind for the day ahead.
CAM is nothing supernatural either, it’s just a form of inner awareness exercises. And yes, i do several forms of meditations fairly regularly.
There is nothing supernatural, just forces, energies and “stuff we don’t know about yet”.
Just because you don’t understand a thing, doesn’t mean godidit.

No Magpie Without Chance

Yoga proves nothing about the supernatural.


i do the occasional odd yoga move when im excersising, and i have used the thrid eye chakra with crystals, but im no expert of any kind, i dont take things seriously enough for that 😉
it doesnt “prove” anything tho, it only gives any person who experiences something a reason to beleive or beleive that their beliefs are supported


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