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Athiests: Do you think you will ever experience PHYSICAL consciousness after you die?

Will u be gone for ETERNITY?


  1. No, no physical consciousness after death.
    Yes, gone for eternity.

  2. Consciousness isn’t physical.
    Funny thing is, science cannot and will not ever explain why or how we are conscious… why? Because it is THE SOUL… YOU are NOT your body…

  3. Yes, for all the rest of the life span of this universe, the collection of thoughts, emotions and memories that I refer to as “me” will not be here. Just like I wasn’t here for the first 14 billion years.

  4. Nope, I won’t even be able to think “Gee, I’m dead”. After I die there will be no more me, and that’s what makes life good and worth living.

  5. I believe when a person dies, they are only asleep and at peace with no consciousness of any. Then when they are called upon for judgment it is where they face all their wrong doings through God in his eyes.
    I believe all good people and bad ones will have something that God will understand and some will have a second chance of being recarnated for something God will want the person to do. Nobody really knows the unknown of what will happen when such time comes.

  6. No, and neither will you. When you’re dead, you’re dead. The end, good-bye.
    And I’ll be glad — i need the rest.

  7. physical, doubtful, i beleive it would be energy, not biology,
    and as to whether that energy woudl be conscious aware and or ‘you’ or not
    i dont know, but i lean towards no


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