Home Discussion Forum Atheists:our thoughts change threw time. How can our souls not exist?

Atheists:our thoughts change threw time. How can our souls not exist?

There exists, within this material universe, three types of energy: gross material, subtle material and spiritual. The gross material energy consists of earth, water, fire, air and ether [defined as the “space” within the universe]. The subtle material energy consists of mind, intelligence and false-ego [defined as the identification of the body as the self]. The spiritual energy consists of the soul [the individual living entities] and the supersoul
The presence of the soul in any living entity is indicated by consciousness. Although we cannot actually see the soul, we can see its symptoms. We cannot “see” electricity but when we see an illuminated light-globe we can see the symptom of the presence of electricity. Similarly when we see consciousness we see the symptom of the soul.
Any material body inhabited by a soul will undergo changes. It will be created, it will grow, it will produce by-products [offspring], it will dwindle and ultimately it will die.


  1. Why would you expect anyone to believe something you just made up. Your guessing and there’s nothing to back up what you just wrote.

  2. you don’t have evidence for any of this, so you’re not going to impress any atheist. is this based on alchemy?

  3. A tomato will change over time. Just leave one on the countertop for a few months and see.
    Does that mean that it has a soul too?
    Every thing that we are, our thoughts, our memories, our sensory experience, our emotions, resides in our bodies. (ie, the brain). Mountains of evidence support this.
    What is left for your mystical soul? Nadda

  4. Absolutley False Premise . It is NOT scientifically supported . Therefore your question is meaningless , and silly !

  5. When there is some science to back up your claim of the spirit world then I’ll be interested in this concept.

  6. So how come “soul” is the only one that can’t be proven? Your brain is very complex. It creates and changes your thoughts.

  7. This isn’t Yahoo Preachers.
    Besides, what of the people who can’t have children, hm? Oh, but you didn’t think of them, did you? No, you’re just thinking of yourself, and those like you; sheep who blindly follow ‘faith’.

  8. We don’t see symptoms of a soul, we see symptoms of intelligence, and the source has already been proven to be the brain, so there is no longer any role for the ancient soul superstition.

  9. The fact that we can not see electricity, but can see a lamp burning, does not mean that everything that passes through our minds exists. If you only knew the weird things I imagine!
    Nice: A is invisible but we know A exists. Therefore G also exists.
    Logics do not harm anyone.

  10. Besides the initial unsupported assumptions and logic errors, there is a big difference between energy in the form of electricity and the alleged soul. Energy in all forms can be measured observed, predicted etc. There is no indication that the same is true for the soul. There is also less of a distinction between our consciousness and that of various animals.
    Your final statement is true of not only all living organisms, but of all life created things and many non organic things as well.
    In short, unless you have hard evidence, I would say that the soul is a myth.

  11. Comon. This is a freaking ripoff and alteration of Greek Philosophy.
    The world ISN’T made of earth, water, fire, air
    You’re not even getting into spiritual beliefs here. You’re talking half baked philosophy.

  12. Consciousness and personality are the result of physical processes within the brain in reaction to stimuli that one is exposed to. The soul is a concept that is unsubstantiated and unnecessary.

  13. Why waste your time speaking to those with a closed mind when it is better spent on those that would receive wisdom.
    Of course the souls is real, science has proved this.

  14. Interesting, but while gross material is measurable and “subtle material” is also measurable, your “spiritual” energies are not; those are merely “faiths”.
    There is no measurable evidence to prove the existence of a “soul” or “spirit” in the human mind or body.
    If it’s not able to be measured or confirmed through scientific study, physics, metaphysics, or some other such practice, then it doesn’t exist.
    If there were such things as “soul” and “spirit”, papers would be written, books published and scientific research would be happening. The only references to either one appear in religious texts which are written by men thousands of years ago……who were not familiar with the world around them and who’s lives were filled with superstitions.
    By the way, the word is “through”, not “threw”….

  15. You can SAY that consciousness is a ‘symptom’ of our alleged souls, but you are incorrect in doing so. Consciousness is an emergent property of the multiple interconnectedness of our cranial neurons, and nothing more.
    Wait and see, when computers approach the level of complexity of human brains, they will also be conscious.

  16. Just because there is no evidence of it not existing, it does not follow that it does exist.
    There is no evidence of the non-existence of Zeus. In your thinking – he therefore must exist.
    As for the rest – no facts just superposition with out foundation.


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