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Atheists,Hell is real and this proves it!?

The Bible is clear – Hell is inside the earth!
Ephesians 4:9, says of Jesus: “Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the LOWER PARTS OF THE EARTH.”
On page 85 of Beyond Death’s Door, Dr. Rawlings writes patients who described hell said, “. . . this place seems to be UNDERGROUND or WITHIN THE EARTH in some way.”
Scientist and Bible teacher, Henry Morris also agrees the Bible plainly teaches that hell is in this earth:
“So far as we can tell from Scripture, the present hell, is somewhere in the heart of the earth itself. It is also called ‘the pit’ (Isa. 14:9, 15: Ezek. 32:18-21) and ‘the abyss’ (Rev. 9:2). . .
The writers certainly themselves believed hell to be real and geographically ‘beneath’ the earth’s surface. . .
To say this is not scientific is to assume science knows much more about the earth’s interior than is actually the case. The great ‘pit’ [hell] would only need to be about 100 miles or less in diameter to contain, with much room to spare, all the forty billion or so people who have ever lived, assuming their ‘spiritual’ bodies are the same size as their physical bodies.”
(Henry M. Morris, The Bible Has the Answer, p. 220)
The Birmingham News, April 10, 1987 had an article entitled “Earth’s Center Hotter Than Sun’s Surface, Scientists Say”. The article stated that scientists have recently discovered, “THE EARTH’S INNER CORE HAS A TEMPERATURE OF OVER 12,000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!”
Have you seen pictures of a volcano erupting, spewing a lake of fire from inside the earth – consuming everything within miles just from the heat? When Mount St. Helens erupted in May 18, 1980, it was described by reporters, “when HELL surfaced upon the earth.” The book, Volcanoes, Earth’s Awakening (p.91) describes an erupting volcano as “descent into HELL”.
Thousands of years ago, the Bible described a place called hell in the heart of the earth that matches exactly what science is discovering.
In Numbers 16, the Bible gives the account of people falling into hell alive!
“And THE EARTH OPENED HER MOUTH, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods. They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive INTO THE PIT, and the EARTH CLOSED UPON THEM:” Numbers 16:32-33
Caspar Peucer, a famous fourteenth century astronomer and physician, who also researched and documented the volcanoe eruptions at Heklafell wrote some very frightening information in his research findings. Peucer, claims (as others) that “fearful howlings, weeping and gnashing of teeth” could be heard “for many miles. . .” as these volcanoes erupted:
“Out of the bottomless abyss of Heklafell, or rather out of Hell itself, rise melancholy cries and loud wailings, so that these can be heard for many miles around. . . there may be heard in the mountain fearful howlings, weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
(Haraldur Sigurdsson, Melting the Earth, The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions, p. 73)
And Caspar Peucer is not alone. There are others who believe they have heard “cries and screaming” coming from volcanoes. Most have tried to ignore the obvious. Some simply explain the “sounds of hell” to some rational meaning. But they are there. . .
“The fearsome noises that issued from some of their volcanoes were certainly thought to be the screams of tormented souls in the fires of hell below”.
(Haraldur Sigurdsson, Melting the Earth, The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions, p. 73)
Inside this earth, this very moment, there are millions of lost, tormented souls – burning, weeping, wailing – without any hope whatsoever!
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  1. i read a book about the after life and what happens to you (this is in islam) and man is it scary, but if God doesn’t want someone to believe there is no use because God has made their heart black, their ears (yep you guessed it) so it’s just a waste of breath

  2. You have already given all the answer that an athiest needs.
    “The writers certainly themselves believed hell to be real and geographically ‘beneath’ the earth’s surface. . .”
    The whole point of athiesm is that we don’t BELIEVE in any god, so at the same time we don’t believe in any hell.

  3. the bible is not “proof” of anything. offering biblical verse as “prrof” only works for people who believe the bible is “true” – and you claim to be trying to reach those who do not. It’s called “circular logic.”
    Hell exists – but it’s a small town in Norway.

  4. You obviously took alot of time to post this but i don’t think that you should have pointed out atheists! i go to church and i do what i think is right and so do others in different religions. let them deal with whatever god does to them as the same for you and i.

  5. You make the same mistake that most fundamentalsts do when attempting to justify a stance. You start with a dubious source & build a hypothesis on unfounded mythical evidence. I can build a hypothesis on the ability of stars to dance & the sun moving around the Earth from the Bible. “The stars danced as the angles sang” & we all know God stopped the sun in the sky to allow David to win a battle.
    You quote scientists from the era when the Earth was considered to be flat… find some verifiable evidence to support your hypothesis.

  6. Very interesting, but the truth is you can’t really really know for sure it’s real, proof would be to find it and show the world, proof is what we see with our own eyes, words and stories are just not convincing to me.

  7. Caspar Peucer, a famous fourteenth century astronomer and physician
    P.S. please keep atheists out of your interpretations; it just removes from your credibility as a historian.


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