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Atheists/freethinkers: do you study any esoteric / metaphysical material or find it interesting?

I don’t believe in “God” per se, and certainly not the barbarian deity of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions. And I don’t buy into the New Age or Scientology mumbo jumbo either.
but I do enjoy studying Eastern mysticism, Hermeticism, Pythagoreanism, and so forth and most recently, the Egyptian symbolist theory as advanced by de Lubicz. it seems certain to me that the ancients knew of a higher “order” of things and modes of thinking which are totally alien to the modern Western mind.


  1. In my youth I used to; but now that I work full time AND go to school, AND have a kid to raise, I have far less free time and have other priorities.

  2. I can’t say I do, no. I have other interests and responsibilities that take up my time. I don’t find I have a “spirituality-shaped hole in my soul” if you will. I did go through a wicca phase in my teenage years though.

  3. …but sadly, this knowledge was lost to us, but you have uncovered it and are sharing it in a series of books, attractively priced at only $9.99!

  4. I read everything I can find – from ‘The God Delusion”, books on the life of Buddha, various church and religion websites to the Skeptics magazine

  5. Like the Rev above, I did when I was a teen, but not any more, real life is a priority and I studied enough to draw conclusions. So unless something manifests itself, I’ll stick with the conclusions I have drawn.

  6. When I was going to a community college there was a class they tried to get everyone to take called “Eastern Religions”. At the time I avoided the class because I had absolutely no interest in studying any form of religion. If I was back in school today, I would probably take the class just out of curiosity.
    I have always been atheist and I do not believe in anything spiritual or supernatural. For this reason, I’ve had very little interest in learning about any religion or religious like philosophies. Primarily because I just did not view them as relevant to my life.

  7. I did when I was younger, but never took the stuff seriously. I start losing my interest during my college years, when I simply didn’t have time for leisurely reading. I read about the stuff during the summers when I had off, but the interest died away over time.

  8. Yes. I am also a Thelemite, Qabbalist [Hermetic.Alchemical], and Ceremonial Magician. All of those things are more important to me than my atheism.

  9. I listen to Coast to Coast radio on occasion for entertainment purposes. Most of the guests are full on Commander Coocoo Bananas, but some of the stuff is intriguing. I am very fascinated with religious history, particularly Sumerian and pre-Christian European belief systems.


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