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Atheists, you are a little bit aware of your Conciousness, then how can you say there is no God ?

You are aware of a part of your consciousness, the higher part of your Consciousness is called god in Hindu.How can you deny it? (excuse for poor language)


  1. What the f*ck kind of argument is that?
    I don’t give a sh*t about what something is called in Hindu. That’s not evidence of a god.

  2. I’m going to call my coffee cup God, so how can you say there is no God?
    I’m sentient and aware of things. I can experience a highly pleasurable feeling some others might describe as a higher conscious. It is not apparent though where this came from, except my parents. When we don’t have evidence for something the answer is “I don’t know” not “God did it”

  3. there is no evidence to suggest that my consciousness has a personality separate from my brain or exists outside of my body- that’s what people mean by gods. If you define gods differently than that, there is no point talking about them until you use a different term.

  4. Atheseist’s are ignorant! even though they do not follow a religion, does not mean they do not believe in god

  5. I don’t speak hindu. One can be spiritual and attuned to ones higher consciousness, without the need for man made concepts such as religion

  6. god is imaginary
    if they made up a language where consciousness is called god doesnt exist, does that make it true?

  7. I smell a red herring. How does acknowledging my own consciousness equal the need to say there’s a God? How do those things even connect?

  8. That’s the most pathetic argument I have ever heard.
    So if I start calling my toilet god, that means that I’m a theist?

  9. ♥Cуαиι∂є♥ [Sтιℓℓ єχтяα ℓєтнαℓ..]

    Well, isn’t this just a matter of semantics..?
    If you, for whatever reason, want to call you consciousness “god”, then feel free to.
    Personally, however, I do not see anything divine about it, so I simply refer to it as my consciousness, and that’s it.

  10. Honestly, I just don’t know how to answer idiotic questions like this. Really. If I gave myself a facepalm for each question I’ve read like this, my face would be a bloody pulp.

  11. If god is my brain, well then hehehe the rest of the world better buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  12. Hey man don’t worry about your sentence structure, it’s better than most Christians : )
    Unfortunately your logic is just as poor.
    No evidence whatsoever supports your claim or the existence of any god. If there is no evidence to suggest that something exists, the only rational assumption to make is that it doesn’t. Just like how I assume that leprechauns and dragons don’t exist either.

  13. shut up you crazy bible thumper trying to push your religious beliefs on people you should be ashamed of yourself we can believe what ever the hell we want to believe.and i am sick of hearing this question over and over again its like a f’n broken record read the constitution we don’t have to convert to your beliefs…why is everyone after the freaking atheists anyways i thought you Christians would be bagging on the satanist or somethings..you need to find something more interesting to do like get laid or something and stop asking these stupid questions that piss people off

  14. Are you aware that the 4th planet from the sun is called Mars? Mars is a Roman god, so why dont you believe in the Roman Deities?
    See what i did there? That made about as much sense as your logic…

  15. Since when must one confirm god in order to obtain a consciousness?
    If I didn’t have a consciousness then I don’t even think I could think about religion.

  16. So, you assumed everyone has to follow your hindu’s view?
    Anyway, the lower part of your body in between your cheeks is call an a$$hole, how can you say your god higher consciousness is lower then your a$$hole? (technically as nonsensical as your view)

  17. Actually, I’m not aware of a part of my consciousness.
    I AM my consciousness — which is nothing more than the sum total of my metabolic processes.
    Hardly “god.”

  18. because there is no evidence for it
    my conciousness, and even my spirituality, dont have to be explained by a god, there are many reasons for them


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