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Atheists: Why do you believe that consciousness is a product of brain function?

Most atheists I have communicated with believe this. It is based on the philosophy of material realism. What evidence do you base your belief on?
The opposing philosophy is idealism which claims that conciousness is primary and physical form is secondary. This is a common view among hindus, buddhists, and taoists. I am not claiming to hold either philosophy so it would be pointless to ask for my evidence.
I just want to know why most atheists are material realists and why you believe conciousness is a product of biology.


  1. This is based on psychology not philosophy you dumbass. Neurons brah. Conciousness doesn’t arise from anything else but a brain. That’s what science has found so far.
    Why do Theists believe that conciousness is derived by a soul that can exist after the human body dies when there is no evidence?

  2. You realize, of course, that an EEG is capable of tracking changes in consciousness, yes? Consciousness being an emergent property of the brain is not a belief, it’s a demonstrable fact.

  3. Why do you think there are completely different views for consciousness across different religions?
    That should give you your answer.

  4. Spicoli, you don’t seem to realize that measurable changes in consciousness have nothing to do whatsoever with HOW consciousness exists and if it was generated by the brain or not

  5. I think you mean “most philosophers”, “most atheists” don’t give a damn where consciousness comes from.
    They know we’ve got it and they know it didn’t come from any gods.

  6. because if something is not part of the material universe, then it is supernatural. that’s the only other option. if it’s not material it’s not part of physical reality it’s outside it’s something else. it’s fucking magic. i believe consciousness is a function of the brain because 1. it does have a fair bit of empirical evidence behind it i mean we have had fMRI machines for a while now, and 2. the alternative is MAGIC. do you seriously expect me to believe in magic?

  7. Because we can see on fMRI scans the areas of the brain which are firing at a higher than a background level. Also we can alter states of consciousness by drugs which target specific neurotransmitters.

  8. No it`s based on evidence accrued during research into brain function. It is not a philosophy, it appears to be a fact.
    Reality is all there is, anything else is by definition either untrue or a blatant lie designed to mislead.

  9. As an above poster stated: Occam’s razor.
    Personally i question whether the trackable changes in the brain are the cause of consciousness or the effect. Either is possible. Obviously, im not an atheist. I take scientific research more lightly than most atheists. I recognize that we dont know or understand everything. Many scientific ideas are revised and changed when new evidence comes to light, science is a work in progress and always will be.

  10. You cant ask the atheists. They, we, whatever simply dont belive in god. That means some can believe in heaven. Buddhists and Wiccans are athesits right? They both believe in a form of heaven, i believe.

  11. Wow hindu’s, buddhist’s and taoist’s you should totally listen to them instead of the neurologists who can demonstrate how altering brain chemistry, or damage can alter someone’s personality.
    I go with the evidence, it’s the best thing we have, testable hypothesis and rational evidence based arguments.

  12. because, it is
    even IF there is a spiritual side of exisistence, the brain is still necesary for THIS life
    all it takes is to damage your brain and your life is damged too
    if you have a ‘soul’ it cant do much in a damaged body can it, it has to ‘wait it out’ til the ‘next life’


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