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Atheists (who are in the wrong direction) and theists as well, Proof that the end times are near?

The web-bot is predicting something catastrophic event or events in the coming year of 2012.
The prophecies made by the I-ching method of the chinese points to some end or new beginning in 2012.
The numbers 20 ( dualism ) and 12 (spiritual completeness) is important in the Bible and together they make 2012.
A lady (some cybil lady) living in a cave in Italy during the roman empire times predicted the end times (or possibly a new beginning) when ” Men will fly in birds (jets) and there will be self-propelling chariots (tanks) and big ships like fishes (submarines).”
Science also backs this up the significance of 21st december 2012 as during this time a polar shift could occur in a matter of hours causing natural disasters to occur when the shift happens resulting in global chaos and mass destruction.
Also a solar storm has already been predicted to happen in 2013 (after 2012) by the global scientific community which points out the significance of 2012 as the endtimes and/or the beginning of a new cycle (as foretold by the Mayan calender way back a thousand years ago).
The above info has been taken from various sources which I have forgotten.
Anyway, even the history channel aired this on a 2012 show.
The above info has been taken from various sources which I have forgotten.
Anyway, even the history channel aired this on a 2012 show.
The question is – Now will you atheists and theists all repent for your sins? And be prepared for judgement?


  1. If a person is an atheist, they won’t feel the need to repent for their sins or be judged by something they don’t feel exists.

  2. People have been predicting the end times for a while now. Pretty much ever sense we found that storing the dead bodies in the drinking water was a bad idea. No one has been right about it. Ever.

  3. Erm, to answer you’re actual question – No.
    I repent for nothing, and come 2012 you will realise you should of chose atheism.


  5. “Atheists (who are in the wrong direction)”
    …I’m sorry, is this NOT the place for questions and answers about religion and spirituality?

  6. Why do you believe this bogus crap anyway? It is all about fear-mongering and making people scared. Live in the moment. Every minute you can create a new life with your thoughts. Why think about the future. Send love to the Universe and to those working on the low vibration to try and manipulate us. Raise your high vibration by being a beacon of light and spreading happiness to others. Life is beautiful if you stop to look at it.

  7. Doomsday predictions have been failing for thousand of years. During biblical times there were so-called prophets on every corner saying that he end is near.

  8. Sins are value judgments made by people. Atheist have nothing to repent. Theist will have to check what is considered a sin in their respective book of rules.
    Nevertheless quoting television programmes you cannot fully remember is hardly convincing.

  9. All those ridiculous predictions have been proved false.
    The whole 2012 thing is a hoax to make money from gullible people. See my reference for detailed proof.

  10. For thousands of years, the end has been near and the apocalypse coming any moment now.
    It’s held off that long. I think 2012 will pass just as uneventfully as the previous “apocalypse” dates did.
    But by all means, if you believe it, go max out your credit card on December 20th, 2012. I mean, you are SURE about this one, right?

  11. There is always some end time near.
    remember Y2K ( in 1999)
    or in 1998 ( which is 666* 3 when people thought satan was coming )
    The mayans predicted ( interpreted) , that there would be a great big flood to kill all civilization.
    Tough luck with that, we have levees now.
    They just had a different kind of calender based on celestial occurrences, and in 2012 the sun level at the winter solstice is at the same level as the milky way. ( as spooky as this sounds)
    I predict, that in 2012 an old year (or solar cycle) will end, and , wait for it, a new one will begin.
    You may have misunderstood the history channels intention.
    I am prepared for judgment day, every day. But i don’t think i will accept the judgment of your god.

  12. Yes, and you probably said the same thing about the year 2000. Let me know when you have evidence to support anything you’re saying.


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