Atheists: what would you accept as proof? These words are light waves that reach your consciousness…?

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…long after their point of origin in eternity. Will you accept them as a proof of God, who has all-knowledge? What’s really going on?

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Jane Indian

this doesnt make sense to me


Can i buy some weed from you?


Sounds like you’ve been taking the last component of your name.
Drugs are bad!

The Great Gazoo

Get God to show up.
Light isn’t God…so try again.


I don’t need proof. I would definitely need some scientific evidence to persuade me, however.


Something concrete, something that can be percieved by more than an emotionally unstable herd. That is the only evidence i will accept.

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Chiff◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

I’d like god to answer my prayer. I ask what religious text to buy.


You’re not supposed to get THAT high on Jebus


I do not need any proof to know that no gods or devils exist outside of a brainwashed mind


Evidence! Not Proof!


Exactly what species of psychedelic mushrooms did you EAT?


So you’re trying to say the electrons on my computer screen are evidence of your God? Seriously?
I say they’re evidence of leprechauns. Prove me wrong.
You know, you can’t force people to believe in something. Why this constant need to provide evidence of your God? Isn’t the whole point to have faith in him?

We Wish to Buy Your Shoes

No. I won’t accept you talking as proof of god.
Next question, please…

Jeebus ur Christ â„¢(AM, Lvl 5)

Well, these words are sent by the ultra almighty FSM, father of all gods, including yours ….. The bible said it “In the beginning there are the word”. What it did not clearly define is what word. In the alphabet soup the ultra almighty said : “He spoke the word is “sh!t when the giant tomato spray her sauce on him”” and thus that sh!t you call god is born.


And these words are vibrations in the luminous ether that reach your conciousness long before their ultimate destination beyond eternity.
WTF are you talking about? Is simple English too low-brow for you? I figure that if English was good enough for Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Dickens, it should be good enough for you too.


No, it is unrelated. PASTA EXISTS! The flying spaghetti monster MUST be real.


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